Make Money Dropshipping with Zero Capital

Are you looking for extra income but don’t have capital to start a business? Why not join our dropshipping group today and make money without any capital.

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How it Works

You will be given pictures and videos of watches we sell to post on your WhatsApp status, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Example of a watch we sell that we will give you to promote on your WhatsApp

If any of your contacts is interested in buying a watch you post, they’ll pay you then you pay us and we’ll ship the watch to them, this is called Dropshipping.

How You Will Make Money

We will give you the watches at a lower price, for example; If a watch costs 7,000 Naira from us, you can add your own profit on top say 3,000 Naira to make the price 10,000 Naira.

Once you get the 10,000 Naira from your contact, you’ll send 7,000 Naira to us and keep 3,000 Naira for yourself as profit so the more you sell, the more money you make and you don’t need to buy any watches or have any capital to start.

How Do You Know We Are Not Scammers?

This is very important due to the high rate of scams these days so before you pay us when you get an order from your contacts, we accept video calls from you to show you the watches we are selling at the point of delivery so that you’re convinced.

We deliver NATIONWIDE and the group is FREE to join, you will never have to pay a kobo for anything from us.

Join the FREE WhatsApp group now using this link: