Ladies Shoes & Their Prices in Nigeria | Latest Women Shoes

Shoes are one of those things that can never be too much for any lady. Ladies love buying and wearing shoes because it is one of the fashion accessories that have the most impact on how you look.

Different ladies have different shoe preferences, while some prefer stiletto heels, others prefer wedges or simple flat shoes and this also depends on the occasion the shoe will be worn to.

There is a wide range of female shoes available in Nigeria for every preference, budget and size. Here, you will find different types of ladies shoes and their prices in Nigeria to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Boots for Ladies

Ladies boots come in different colours and materials as well as designs. The most common styles include ankle boots and thigh high boots.

Prices of women’s boots in Nigeria ranges from 8,000 Naira to 30,000 Naira.

Red Ankle Boots

red boot for women

Price: 8,900 Naira

Brown Ladies Boot

brown boot for women

Price: 8,000 Naira

Women’s Black Leather Boot

women black leather boot

Price: 16,500 Naira

Women’s High Heel Black Boots 

women boots black

Price: 8,000 Naira

Boyfriend Shoes for Ladies

Boyfriend shoes are male looking shoes that are made for women. They feature male inspired designs but have a feminine look. Along with boyfriend jeans, they have become a popular fashion trend in Nigeria.

Prices of boyfriend shoes for ladies ranges from 6,500 Naira to 25,000 Naira.

Black Boyfriend Shoes

black boyfriend shoes

Price: 8,000 Naira

Brown Boyfriend Shoes

brown boyfriend shoe


Price: 10,000 Naira

Wine Colour Boyfriend Shoe

wine colour boyfriend shoe


Price: 9,000 Naira

Corporate shoes for Ladies

Corporate shoes for ladies come in different styles, quality and prices. You can get women’s corporate shoes in Nigeria for as low as 5,000 Naira and as high as 200,000 Naira depending on many factors such as the designer, quality of material used, demand and others.

Heeled Black Corporate Shoe for Ladies

black heeled corporate shoe for women

Price: 17,000 Naira

Brown Corporate Shoe for Ladies

brown corporate shoe for women

Price: 8,200 Naira

Crocs Shoes for Ladies

Crocs are the latest trending shoes for both guys and ladies in Nigeria and they come in many different designs. Prices of Crocs shoes for ladies ranges from 20,000 Naira to 40,000 Naira in Nigeria.

White Crocs Shoe for Ladies

white crocs crocband for ladies

Price: 21,500 Naira

Black Crocs Shoe for Ladies

crocs crocband for ladies

Price: 25,500 Naira

Crocs LiteRide Shoe for Ladies

crocs literide

Price: 21,000 Naira

Flat shoes for Ladies

Flat shoes for ladies are very popular because they are comfortable to walk in and are very versatile as they can be worn to many different places such as offices, school, religious gatherings, weddings and so on. There are many beautiful flat shoe designs for ladies available in the Nigerian market and they are quite affordable as well.

Prices of flat shoes in Nigeria ranges from 5,000 Naira to 20,000 Naira.

Black Shiny Flat Shoe for Ladies

ladies flat shoe

Price: 6,000 Naira

Black Flat Shoe with Tassels

flat shoe for ladies

Price: 5,800 Naira

Black Flat Shoe with Chain Design

black flat shoe for ladies

Price: 5,600 Naira

Half shoes for Ladies

Half shoes are mostly worn by men but there are some good flat shoes for women in the market as well. Half shoes are comfortable to wear especially because there is no stress to put on the shoe or pull it off.

Prices of half shoes for women in Nigeria range from 10,000 Naira to 20,000 Naira.

Black Half Shoe for Ladies

black half shoe for ladies

Price: 17,600 Naira

Blue Half Shoe for Ladies

blue half shoe for ladies

Price: 17,600 Naira

White Half Shoe for Ladies

white half shoe for ladies

Price: 10,700 Naira

Black Half Shoe for Women

black half shoe for women

Price: 4,500 Naira

High Heel Shoes

High heels are one of the most popular types of shoes for women because they give the wearer an elegant look. Furthermore, they can be worn with many different types of clothing ranging from office wear to party outfits. There are different types of high heel shoes as well such as stiletto heels, wedges, high heeled sandals, block heels and so on.

Black Cross Strap High Heels

cross strap heels

Price: 7,000 Naira

Red High Heel Shoe

red heels

Price: 11,000 Naira

Office London Black Sandal Strap Block Heels 

office london black heels

Price: 48,500 Naira

Black Stilleto Heels

black heels

Price: 7,700 Naira

Loafer Shoes for Ladies

There are many reasons to love loafers shoes. Apart from the fact that they are usually quite affordable, they are also lightweight and very comfortable. Loafers also come in different colours and styles that can match any outfit you wear. Overall, they are very good shoes for men and women.

Prices of loafers in Nigeria for ladies ranges from 3,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira.

Canvas Loafers for Ladies

blue loafers for ladies

Price: 3,000 Naira

Black Loafers for Ladies

ladies loafers

Price: 12,000 Naira

Ladies Black Loafers

black loafers for ladies

Price: 14,000 Naira

Red Loafers for Ladies

red loafers for ladies

Price: 6,000 Naira

Mules for Ladies

Mule shoes also called backless shoes are those that don’t have a covering around the heel. There are many ladies shoes that fall into this category such as slippers, half shoes, clogs and more.

Black Mules for Ladies

clog mules

Price: 10,800 Naira

Brown Sandal Heel Mules

brown mules for ladies

Price: 14,000 Naira

Black Mules for Women

black mules for ladies

Price: 15,000 Naira

Office shoes for Ladies

Office shoes for ladies come in different shapes and styles and the one you choose depends on your preference. While most ladies prefer comfortable flat cover shoes, others prefer heels and so on.

Prices of office shoes for ladies ranges from 7,000 Naira to 20,000 Naira in Nigeria.

Nude Flat Office Shoes for Ladies

nude colour shoes

Price: 10,000 Naira

Black Office Shoes for Ladies

black office shoes for ladies

Price: 7,000 Naira

Brown Office Shoes for Ladies

brown office shoe for ladies

Price: 7,800 Naira

Sandals for Ladies

Sandals for women in Nigeria are priced between 4,500 Naira and 25,000 Naira depending on the material used, for instance leather sandals are more expensive than those made with cheaper materials. The design of the sandal also plays a role in its price as well as the quantity and quality of materials used.

Classic Ladies Sandals

ladies designer sandals

Price: 4,800 Naira

Ladies Black Sandals

ladies black sandals

Price: 7,500 Naira

Brown Sandals for Women

ladies brown sandals

Price: 6,000 Naira

Joha Sandals for Ladies

ladies joha sandals

Price: 14,000 Naira

Slippers for Ladies

Slippers are very comfortable shoes and these days, they come in various designs made with a variety of materials. They are perfect for wearing at home and for casual outings such as to the beach, grocery store or cinema. Prices of slippers for ladies ranges from 4,500 Naira to 15,000 Naira in Nigeria.

Black Suede Slippers for Ladies

women slippers black

Price: 5,500 Naira

Black Palm Slippers for Ladies

women suede slippers

Price: 5,500 Naira

White Palm Slippers for Ladies

ladies white slippers

Price: 6,000 Naira

Classy Ladies Slippers

ladies slippers

Price: 4,500 Naira

Sneakers for Ladies

Sneakers are probably the most popular types of shoes in the world, they are most likely the most versatile shoes as well. Both women and men love wearing sneakers for exercising, casual outings and even to formal events.

There is a very wide variety of sneakers for women to choose from in Nigeria comprised of branded sneakers like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Skechers and others as well as non-branded sneakers that go for cheaper prices. Sneakers also double as sport shoes for women.

In Nigeria, prices of sneakers for ladies ranges from 5,000 Naira for non-branded products to as high as 100,000 Naira for sneakers from big brands.

White Sneakers for Women

white sneakers for ladies

Price: 4,000 Naira

Classy Sneakers for Women

women sneakers

Price: 6,200 Naira

White Fashion Sneakers for Women

white sneakers for women

Price: 6,350 Naira

Black Sneakers for Ladies

women black running sneakers

Price: 6,500 Naira

Wedding Shoes for Ladies

The shoe you wear on your wedding day is super important because you have to look elegant on your special day. You have a wide range of wedding shoe options to choose from but most ladies prefer stiletto heels because they give a stunning look.

Prices of wedding shoes for ladies in Nigeria ranges from 20,000 Naira to 50,000 Naira.

Lace Wedding Heels for Ladies

lace wedding shoes for women

Price: 27,600 Naira

White Wedding Stiletto Heels for Ladies

white wedding heels for women

Price: 37,000 Naira

Gold Stiletto Wedding Shoes

wedding heels for women

Price: 36,800 Naira

Wedge Shoes for Ladies

Wedges are heeled shoes which have both the heel and sole as the same material. The heels are usually made of rubber and the shoes are made in a variety of designs.

Prices of wedge shoes in Nigeria range from 6,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira.

White Wedge Shoe for Ladies

white wedges for ladies

Price: 12,800 Naira

Grey Wedge Shoe for Ladies

gray wedge for women

Price: 24,000 Naira

Black Wedge Shoe for Ladies

black leather wedge shoes for women

Price: 15,000 Naira

Black & Brown High Wedge Shoe

black wedge for women

Price: 6,800 Naira

These are some of the shoes available for ladies in Nigeria and their prices. We hope you can make the right buying decision with the help of this list.

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