Smart Watch Price in Nigeria | Oraimo, Apple, Samsung, T55 & Others

Smart watches have become very popular in the last few years with popular brands like Apple, Samsung and others leading the industry. Many Nigerians also refer to smart watch as phone watch because they are connected to smart phones.

Smart watches combine style and technology which has made them super useful to users worldwide with so many functions ranging from heart rate monitoring, receiving calls, playing music with ear pods, monitoring heartbeat, exercise progress and so much more. Buying a smart watch is a very smart move, it is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life currently.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ability to receive WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other notifications are some of the technologies that smart watches have advanced to now have.

Smartwatches come in a variety of styles ranging from round face to square face and other face shapes as well, they come with leather, rubber and chain straps in many different colours such as black, white, blue, pink and so many others. Most smart watches are made to be unisex so there’s usually no issue of finding a different smart watch for men or women.

The features that a smart watch has is also very dependent on the type of smartwatch you buy, for example if you buy the latest Apple smart watch, you will definitely get way more features than if you buy a smartwatch from a far less known brand.

The type of smart watch you should buy depends on your budget, the features you want, the quality of the watch as well as its durability. Another thing to consider is buying additional watch straps in different colours that you can change to match different outfits you wear, changing straps will only be possible with a smart watch that allows for its straps to be changed easily. You should also consider if you want a smartwatch that has a SIM card slot or if you are fine with a watch that doesn’t have that option.

Smart watches make using your phone easier because you don’t need to take your phone everywhere to receive notifications, pick calls, play music and do other things.

How Much is a Smartwatch in Nigeria?

Smart watches in Nigeria range from 5,000 Naira for low quality ones to 800,000 Naira for high end branded smart watches like Apple Watch & Samsung Watch.

There are many good smart watches priced between 25,000 Naira to 50,000 Naira so if you’re on a tight budget but still want to buy a quality product, you should consider that.

Jumia, Konga and Jiji are some of the best places to buy smart watches online, you can get all kinds of phone watches on these platforms and pay on delivery, from the very cheap ones to the more expensive ones.

You can also buy smart watches in phone accessories retail stores nationwide like Slot, Pointek, Microstation and others.

Best Smart Watches in Nigeria

There are a great number of smart watches in the Nigerian market ranging from the very cheap but very low quality products to the high end products from big brands. Here are some of the best smartwatches you can buy in Nigeria, no matter what your budget is, you will definitely find a watch that suits you on this list.

Oraimo Smart Watch

Oraimo has taken the Nigerian phone accessories market by storm and this is not surprising because it is owned by Transsion which is the most successful mobile phone retailer in Africa with popular brands like Tecno, Infinix and Itel.

Oraimo produces and sells quality and affordable smart watches for the Nigerian market, some of which include:

Oraimo Watch Pro

Oraimo watch pro

This watch sports an IPS Screen and is IP68 Waterproof. It also monitors blood oxygen and has 24 fitness modes. It is available in black, blue, rose gold, champagne gold and silver colours. It is priced between 25,000 Naira to 27,000 Naira.

Oraimo Watch 2

Oraimo watch 2

It features a 1.69 inch display and has bluetooth, GPS function, heatmap, 133 Training Modes, and the battery can last up to 7 days on standby. Oraimo Watch 2 price in Nigeria ranges from 29,000 Naira to 33,000 Naira.

Oraimo Watch 2 Pro

Oraimo watch 2 pro

Oraimo Watch 2 Pro is one of the latest smart watch models from Oraimo and it comes with the latest wearable technology. It has a 1.75 inch TFT LCD tough tempered glass screen and has bluetooth v5.1. It uses a 300mAh Lithium Polymer Battery that can last up to 7 days on standby. It is also IP68 certified waterproof and can be used with both Android and iPhone.

Some features include bluetooth call, view and reply to notifications, visual heart rate & blood oxygen monitor with 24/7 tracking, sleep monitor, 120+ sport modes, hydration, sedentary, step, calorie, and effective activity reminders. Other features include world clock, weather, find your phone and many more.

The price of Oraimo Watch 2 Pro ranges from 31,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira.

Oraimo Watch 2 Plus

Oraimo Watch 2 Plus

This smart watch from Oraimo has heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, respiratory rate monitor, bluetooth, IP68 dust & water resistance, HD display, 24 sport modes, 2.5D tempered glass,  and other features.

It is currently priced between 25,000 Naira to 27,000 Naira.

Oraimo Watch Fit

Oraimo Watch Fit

Oraimo Fit is a more affordable smartwatch for people who don’t mind less features. It currently sells for between 15,000 Naira and 18,000 Naira. It is water resistant, has a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen monitor. It also has sport mode with support for 24 exercise types.

Oraimo Tempo S2

Oraimo Tempo S2

Oraimo Tempo is a series of affordable smart watches from Oraimo and watches in the series typically have good battery life. Tempo S2 is lightweight and has 8 fitness modes, it also has activity & sleep tracking, a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitor and the battery lasts up to 20 days on standby. It is priced between 16,000 Naira to 19,000 Naira.

Oraimo Tempo W2

Oraimo Tempo W2

This watch features a full touchscreen and also comes with a pedometer, calorie counter, heart rate monitor, notifications viewer, stopwatch, music player and other features. It is one of the cheapest Oraimo smart watches selling for between 13,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira.

Oraimo Tempo W3

oraimo tempo w3

Oraimo Tempo W3 is one of the best selling Oraimo smart watches and it is loved by users. It has a 1.28 inch screen and uses a 200mAh battery that can last up to 20 days on standby. It also has bluetooth, is waterproof, has a sensitive optical heart rate sensor that works with Joywear2 App for tracking your health status at any time.

You can get call, text, calendar and app notifications on the watch. It also has 13 fitness modes-to help you monitor your fitness goals progress. It has a music app that you can use to play, pause and skip tracks on your phone.

Oraimo smart watches come in black, white, blue, silver and other strap colours. You can also buy extra straps for your Oraimo watch for just 1,800 Naira.

Apple Smart Watch

Apple was one of the first companies to manufacture smart watches and they still maintain a strong lead in the smart watch market. Apple has released different smart watches over the last decade namely Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SE, 6, 7 with the latest being Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2nd Gen & Ultra.

Apple Watch Series 8

This is the latest watch in the Apple Watch Series and comes with a bright always-on retina display that sports an edge-to-edge design. It’s top features include temperature sensing, ovulation estimation & cycle tracking, fall detection, crash detection, enhanced workout and more.

Price: 400,000 Naira to 450,000 Naira

Apple Watch Ultra

apple watch ultra

The ultra smartwatch from Apple is the most expensive and obviously has more features than others. It has an ultra tough titanium case with a HD retina display, up to 60 hours battery life on low power and 36 hours on normal settings. It has been built specially to cope with intense outdoor activities such as water sports and endurance training.

Price: 770,000 Naira to 800,000 Naira

Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen

apple watch se 2nd gen

This is the new, improved version of the budget-friendly 1st generation Apple Watch SE and Apple says that it is 20% faster than its predecessor. New innovative features it comes with include: fall detection, emergency SOS, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, family setup and more.

Price: 200,000 Naira to 220,000 Naira

Samsung Smart Watch

Samsung is also a leading manufacturer of smart watches and the latest models from the brand are Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

samsung galaxy watch 5

The Galaxy Watch 5 comes with many features such as sleep tracking, health monitor, 3-in-1 BioActive sensor (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor, Electrical Heart sensor (ECG), and Optical Heart Rate sensor.), exercise tracking with support for up to 90 exercises. It also supports fast charging and is water resistant.

It’s price in Nigeria ranges from 250,000 Naira to 270,000 Naira.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

samsung galaxy watch 5 pro

The Pro version of the Galaxy 5 comes with more features for those who don’t mind spending some extra money. The extra features include 2x tougher sapphire crystal build quality, larger display and longer battery life. It was made especially to withstand tougher conditions than the Watch 5.

It’s price in Nigeria ranges from 300,000 Naira to 320,000 Naira.

T55 Smart Watch

t55 smartwatch

Another very affordable smart watch with good quality that has become very popular in Nigeria over the last few years is the T55 series smart watch.

The watch looks a lot like the Apple Watch and it has features such as receiving calls & notifications from SMS, WhatsApp & Facebook. It also has health tracking, calorie counter, heart rate checker, exercise tracking, music player and more. It supports both Android phones and iPhones and this has contributed a lot to its popularity. T55 smart watch price in Nigeria ranges from 10,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira.

T55 Pro Max

t55 pro max smartwatch

Just like other brands, T55 also has a Pro version of its smartwatch called T55 Pro Max that comes with a pair of earpods and extra watch straps. This bundling has driven sales of the product through the roof in Nigeria and other African countries. There are also similar products with exactly the same features and bundle such as W26 Pro Max smartwatch & earpods set. T55 Pro Max price in Nigeria ranges from 17,000 Naira to 23,000 Naira.

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