7 Reasons Why You Should Play Video Games


While playing video games, it is essential to exercise moderation as it can be an addictive habit. But there are benefits to playing games on TV and game consoles, as discussed below. 

Contemporary video games and game consoles seek to improve the player’s overall development. It is wrong to consider them as poor examples to follow. The scenarios that games often display are physically not attainable practically. Thus, gaming introduces people to new concepts and themes if otherwise not possible. 

  1. Improved Logic 

Studies conducted over a long period on young people who played video games have proven beyond doubt that it is possible to improve reasoning ability.

It was found that regular gamers tend to have much more grey matter when compared to those people who do not play video games. There is heightened activity in getting interconnections across such people’s brain sections. It is much more than otherwise found in the general population. Thus, the overall logical ability of the subjects improved.


  1. Better Hand-To-Eye Coordination 

It is observed that people who regularly play video games tend to have good hand-to-eye coordination. Often while playing games, the participant must coordinate the occurrences on the screen with the movements of the arms and fingers. This would lead to better hand-to-eye coordination.

People with better hand-to-eye coordination tend to be good at activities that need physical dexterity. Examples of such actions include cycling, typing, and such activity that involve using both the arms and eyes.


  1. Good At Multitasking 

The fact that gamers tend to use more parts of the brain at one time than ordinary people make them particularly good at multitasking. For instance, someone playing a car racing game needs to keep his speed in check, control the car and at the same time keep the fuel tank filled. This is a mastery that cannot have with any other sport.


  1. Faster Decision Making 

The stories woven around games tend to be rather complex, especially with games run on gaming consoles. The participant constantly competes against the machine’s agility, which tends to help people think faster. People that have taken to gaming in a big way are faster at decision-making than otherwise.

Games are always about gauging situations and taking control of the play. This does involve some fast thinking as well.


  1. Tend To Demonstrate Prosocial Behaviour 

In most video games, players must coordinate and execute game plans with several characters. This leads to a situation where the gamer is better at socializing in real life. Success would come to those with a knack for getting along with others.


  1. Better At Catching Details 

People who took to gaming are rather good at catching sight of the fine details of any drawing picture and situation. This ability comes from the natural tendency of the game developers to push in as much information per square inch of the game display. At the same time, care must be taken to rest the eyes between bouts of video games.


  1. Better Physical Conditioning 

Gone are the days when playing video games meant the person had to sit in front of the television or monitor for hours. The latest game consoles introduce a set of physical activities for gamers. This is done using game actuators that need the person to move their hands and feet and often in rapid motion.

The latest video game consoles improve the agility and reflex of those playing the games. It is a matter of picking out the right mix of games from what is offered to customers. 


Gone are the days when playing video games meant that children and young adults turned themselves into couch potatoes. With the range and breadth of themes found in games these days, it comes as a surprise that there are benefits to playing them. But the watchword is that video games must be played with caution. An excess of gaming would be of little help to those involved.

Companies like Battlelog offer enhancements that improve the gaming experience and the benefits of playing. They bring flexibility to the gaming scene that is often hard to be matched by competitors in the field.

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