Palm Slippers for Guys – Latest Designs in 2023

Palm slippers are casual footwear that can be worn indoors or to occasions such as weddings, birthdays and so on when paired with native wear. These types of slippers are usually made with leather and rubber materials and have a slip on design.

Palm slippers are usually worn by men and young guys but some ladies also wear them. Typically, palm slippers have flat soles and are loved for the comfort they provide and ability to be worn on many different types of outfits and to different places. They can be worn to the beach, while travelling and many other places.

Here are common types of palm slippers, look through to find the one you are interested in.

Flip-flop slippers: These are the most popular type of palm slippers and they have a simple design with a flat sole and two straps that go between the toes.

Rubber slippers: These are palm slippers that are made durable rubber soles and come in a variety of designs.

Birkenstock slippers: This is a popular type of sandals and slippers that are well known for comfortable soles made of cork material.

Crocs slippers: Recently, crocs slippers have taken the world by storm because of their comfort. Crocs are casual footwear made from a soft, lightweight material called Croslite and are available in slippers and sandals.

Moccasin slippers: This is a type of slipper that is soft & comfortable with a simple, slip-on design. They are based on the American moccasin footwear style.

Hermes Style Slippers: This types of slippers copy the design of the expensive slippers from the luxury Hermes brand, they are very popular because they go well with native wears.

Sandal-Style Slippers: This type of palm slippers look like sandals but do not have the straps that sandals have, they can easily be worn in slip-on style but still give that classy sandal look. Some of these come in rubber materials while others are made with leather.

Slides: These are very popular types of slippers that are made with rubber material. Top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and others all produce slides that are comfortable and can be worn indoors or to very casual events. Apart from the big brands, there are several smaller brands and products without branding that retail for as low as 3,000 Naira.

Many people prefer palm slippers to other types of footwear because they are easy to wear, to move around with and allow the feet to breathe. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. Getting a quality palm footwear is important because there are many nice looking products that don’t last up to a year because they are made with inferior materials.

Slippers are also very good during hot weather because unlike cover shoes, they won’t give discomfort because of heat. There are many foreign and local brands of palm slippers that you can buy depending on your budget and style preferences.

The price range of palm slippers in Nigeria range from 5,000 Naira to 50,000 Naira depending on the design and quality of materials used and you can buy palm slippers on various online shopping websites as well as in physical shops that sell them.

How to Wear Palm Slippers the Right Way

There are many ways to rock palm slippers but some people get it totally wrong which makes them look odd when they go out, here are some of the best ways to rock your palm slippers.

His & Hers

Couples i.e. Husband & Wife or Boyfriend & Girlfriend can get custom made palm slippers with the same design to rock together when going for an event.

Senator with Leather Palm Slippers

One of the best ways to wear palm slippers is with senator wears. Wearing leather palm slippers with a well sewn native senator wear will give you that simple & classy but yet wealthy look. You can’t go wrong with this styling.

Ankara Outfit with Palms

You can also rock different ankara outfit styles with palm slippers or palm sandals to give a simple but elegant look.

Jeans & T-Shirt

Wearing palm slippers on jeans and t-shirt is one of the most popular ways to rock palm slippers.


You can’t go wrong with beachwear on palms because you won’t have to deal with sand entering your shoes and having to remove them to take out the sand.


Palm slippers go well with shorts especially and this applies to both men and women. Women can also rock them with their jumpsuits

Black and brown slippers & sandals are the best colours to wear with these outfits. Places you don’t want to wear palm slippers to include offices, formal occasions and anythig business related, they are best suited for casual outings. You also don’t want to rock them with suits, formal clothing and buttoned shirts

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