Ankara Styles – Latest & Best Ankara Designs in 2023

Every year, Nigerian fashion designers outdo themselves by creating gorgeous new ankara styles that wow their customers and the public. Some styles are quite complicated while others are simple yet elegant. Choosing an ankara style depends on what you desire , the occasion you want to wear it for and the statement you want to make, let’s not forget the size of your pocket because some designs and materials cost way more to sew than others.

There are many stunning yet affordable latest ankara styles that you can pick for any occasion and be the centre of attention there. Asides ankara clothing, you can also get well designed ankara shoes, jewelry, bags and other accessories to match.

Latest Ankara Styles for Women in 2023

Women are the biggest fans of Ankara and so there are so many beautiful ankara styles for weddings, parties, office and casual wears, here are some of the best ankara styles for women in 2023.

Ankara Gowns & Dresses

The most worn ankara styles are typically dresses & gowns and these days, designers have outdone themselves in creating elegant and timeless designs for women


High-slit Ankara Dress

High slit ankara dresses give that sexy, sultry look if you can pull it off.



Big Flowing Ankara Gowns

These maxi gowns look great and can be worn to formal occasions as well as casual outings.

Short Ankara Gowns

Short ankara gowns are very stylish and give off that sexy vibe that makes everyone turn back for a second look. You can’t go wrong with a well styled short ankara gown.

Off Shoulder Ankara Styles

Off shoulder designs are one of the latest and most popular ankara designs and can be styled as short or maxi dresses.

Latest Ankara Styles for Men in 2023

Men are not left out in the ankara fashion trend. There are lots of simple and classy ankara designs for men as well as complex designs that only very skilled tailors can pull off.

In the past, most men wore ankara clothes only because they had to do that for a relative’s wedding or other ceremony. Today, men wear very fashionable ankara suits, shorts, T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, kaftans and other styles.

Some of the best combinations for men ankara styles are:

Ankara shorts with ankara t-shirt

Paired with white sneakers or sandals to give a classy yet simple look, this is especially good for a beach outing.

Ankara Suit

One of the best ankara styles for men is a well designed and tailored ankara suit paired with black or brown dress shoes. You can’t go wrong with this as far as you have a good tailor.

Ankara Senator Design

Senator styles are not just for plain materials, a good fashion designer can take any ankara material and make it a masterpiece with senator style. This style is best paired with white sneakers, black or brown palm slippers or sandals.

Ankara Short Sleeve Shirt

Well fitted Ankara short sleeve shirts can be an absolute stunner if sewn properly. These types of shirts can be worn with black or blue jeans and paired with loafers or sandals.

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