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Over the years, the Nigerian Movie industry has evolved greatly and has spread its roots into regions. This evolution led to the creation of the Yoruba Movie industry.

The Yoruba movie industry has birthed so many blockbuster movies that appeal to the public, both indigenous speakers of the Yoruba language and none speakers alike.

With the way the Yoruba industry has grown, one may find it difficult to distinguish between a Yoruba movie and an English Movie. Also, the ability of Yoruba movie actors and actresses to switch roles and act perfectly in English movies contributed to the growth of the industry.

Most A-list Nollywood acts of this day started from the Yoruba movie industry before delving into Nollywood.

The Yoruba movie industry makes movies that reflect the cultural, traditional and linguistic diversities of the Yoruba people.

The production of Yoruba-themed movies started way back in 1977 when Ajani Ogun was produced by Ola Balogun. Since that time, Yoruba movies have grown in no small measure and it has crossed the shores of Nigeria to other countries with the help of subtitles.

Asides from portraying the culture of the Yoruba people, the movies have been modified to suit other themes like Romance, Comedy, Action and others.

Latest Yoruba Movies

Since the beginning of 2022, several Yoruba movies have been released. Below is a list of the latest Yoruba movies and what you should expect from them.

1. Anikulapo

Anikulapo is the latest Yoruba movie produced & directed by Kunle Afolayan. It is available to watch and download on Netflix. It has been receiving many compliments from both Nigerians and foreigners all over the world. You won’t regret watching this one.

2. Agesinkole

Agesinkole -King of Thieves is another very popular Yoruba movie by Femi Adebayo released in 2022. It received widespread positive reviews from the viewers and is about an invincible thief who driven by want for revenge exerts terror on the kingdom of Ajeromi.

3. Apo Iya

The movie revolves around a young man called Seyifunmi. He is well known for his recurrent scandalous lifestyle which often docked his parents into untold difficulties. Unknown to his parent, Seyifunmi is being affected by his father’s previous mistakes.

The movie starred the likes of; Tolulope Awesome, Tunde Usman, Ronke Odusanya, Dele Odule, Jamiu Azeez, Peter Ijagbemi, Fuad Adigun, Light Aboluwodi and Abiodun Adebanjo.

4. Asise Nla

Adamu’s life turned around when he rejected his father’s mouthwatering inheritance to seek his own. Unfortunately, a costly mistake puts his life in jeopardy.

The movie starred Adewale Elesho, Aderemi Adedeji, Yomi Fabiyi, Eniola Ajao, Remmy Shitta Bay.

5. Ariyike 2

The movie revolves around Ariyike, a woman who stood behind her husband in trying times. However, her happy marriage is about to crumble as her in-laws use her childlessness against her.

It featured the likes of; Olayinka Solomon, Fausat Balogun, Oluwafemi Damilola, Kiki Bakare and Remi Surutu.

6. Asesile 2

This movie has a political theme. It revolves around the undoing of a political candidate which led to the crumbling of his empire.

The movie starred; Fausat Balogun, Shola Akintunde, Omo Banke, Dele Odule, and Olaiya Igwe,

7. Kanimodo

A young man goes on a relentless journey to a village with the aim of abducting a great mystical being, the outcome is uncertain but you can find out and get all the thrills by downloading the movie.

It stars actors like; Debbie Shokoya, Mr Latin, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Atoribewu and Mr Portable.

8. Aranda Ekun

This movie has a local setting, the youths of Ilu Iloro want their candidate Morolayo Adunni to be their representative in the Senate. However, the king and his corrupt cabinet want to impose their candidates against the wishes of the youths.

The movies starred Odunlade Adekola, Femi Adebayo, Bose Akinola and others.

9. Ramo Onituwo

Ramo, who is a successful Tuwo seller resolved to fall in love only with an educated person, she eventually got her wish fulfilled but the love story heralded her downfall.

It starred; Ronke Odusanya, Femi Adebayo and others

10. Godfather

A husband who had a premonition that his wife was unfaithful, hired the services of a private investigator. The findings left him traumatised, he had to involve social media to arbitrate the issue.

The movie starred; Yemi Shodimu, Wunmi Toriola, Koand lawole Ajeyemi.

11. Aiforiji

The movie tells the story of Funmi who had all the love and care she needed from her father and the people around her until she started battling with emotional and mental challenges.

It starred; Akin Lewis, Kiki Bakare, and Toyin Alausa.

12. Oko Soja

A female soldier will always get livid when any suitor tries to woo her, however, her reason for doing that is different from what people around her thought it was.

The movie featured; Jumoke Odetola, Taiwo Hassan and Ajayi Oluwaseun.

Other latest movies in 2022 are;

  • Soole
  • Eleshin Oba
  • Arole
  • Atelewo
  • Ijimere
  • Eni Ayan 2
  • Tanpepe
  • Omo Tan
  • Ogunmakin
  • Alakija 2
  • Ibinu Omo 1 & 2
  • Adult
  • Morayo

Site to Download & Watch the Latest Yoruba Movies

Downloading movies from illegal websites is a crime and can cause your phone or laptop to be hacked and your information stolen, etc., It is very risky. However, there are ways you can download and watch your favourite Yoruba movies legally such as on YouTube and Netflix.

1. YouTube

There are so many Yoruba movies that have been uploaded on YouTube, you can just search for anyone you want and watch. You can also download the movies from YouTube to watch later on your device.

2. IbakaTV

IbakaTV is a popular streaming platform for Yoruba movies, you can download their app and register to watch the latest Yoruba movies for a fee.

3. Netflix

There are some very good Yoruba movies on Netflix currently such as Anikulapo. You will need to register for a Netflix account and pay the subscription fee to watch and download movies.

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