Apps That Pay You Real Money in Nigeria

Making real money online is possible with the correct app; all it needs is diligence and efficiency.

All of these money-making apps are compatible with both iOS and Android. Even though the apps below will allow you to earn money, know that making large sums of money requires a lot of work and time.

1. Go Money

The goal of developing the Go Money app was to facilitate users’ acquisition of money management skills via word-of-mouth. This app, on the other hand, is tailored to the specific tasks of receiving money, purchasing data or airtime, sending money, and paying bills.

Users can make money using a novel referral system. Any time a user introduces a friend, family member, or acquaintance, they receive a reward.

The only thing the referrer has to do to get paid is getting their friend to download the app. The user receives fifty percent of the amount deposited by the person they referred.

2. Foap

You can make money by selling your photographs through this app, as there are many major companies using it to search for promotional photographs. This service will also promote your image on Getty Images. You may want to post less on Instagram if you’re the sort who snaps a lot of photos with their phone and more on a platform that truly gets you, buyers. As a whole, it’s a pleasant addendum that’s simple to use.

3. Insta Naira

Another reliable app for making money in Nigeria is Instanaira.

People can utilize it to make money by watching videos of many kinds, including music videos, Nollywood films, comedic sketches, and more. Other easy chores, such as reading daily news headlines, can also bring in some extra cash.

Not only is airtime up for grabs, but money as well!

4. Scooper News App

Nigeria’s fourth moneymaking app doesn’t take up much space on your phone. The software is free to download from Google Play and takes up only roughly 5MB of space.

Depending on the user’s location and preferences, it displays different types of news. This app only provides local news from across Africa, not international news.

It’s been said that the Scooper News app is one of the simplest ways to generate money from an app in Nigeria.

However, there is no benefit to downloading and signing up for the app.

It’s possible to win a reward after reading a news story if you read it and score at least 5 points. You should limit yourself to no more than 30 articles every day.

5. Clickworker

The Clickworker app provides its users with a wide variety of opportunities to make money. In order to make money on the platform, users must complete basic tasks.

The work is done by individuals as a series of little tasks. This software also allows users to make money in a variety of other ways, such as by capturing videos or audio, filling out data, or doing surveys.

With so many advantages, Clickworker is a great opportunity for financial gain. The money is deposited into your PayPal account every week.


The platform facilitates trade between buyers and sellers. This has implications for entrepreneurs, who can use the app to their advantage.

You can sell just about everything on the app, including automobiles, electronics, furniture, clothes, smartphones, and even home appliances. As soon as a purchase is made, the money is deposited into the seller’s account.

7. Naira Rewards

In Nigeria, this is one of the most useful apps for making money.

It’s a great way for kids to make some extra money. Rewards are issued in the form of points that can be redeemed for monetary or telephonic benefits. The platform requires daily app openings in order to gain points or see available videos. It’s not hard at all.

All it takes to withdraw money is a few clicks, and then the funds will be transferred to the user’s bank account.

8. Carry1st Trivia

Getting a degree typically entails shelling out a ton of cash upfront and then hoping for the best on a series of tests for which you receive no feedback other than your grade.

It’s no longer business as usual when it comes to education, thanks to the carry1st trivia app. Answering inquiries can be a lucrative side hustle for users.

Simple multiple-choice questions are presented by the software, and all the user has to do to cash in is select the correct answer.

The questions are designed to be both simple and entertaining so that users can make money while still gaining valuable knowledge.

9. Selar

Selar is a platform that allows users sell digital products like ebooks, courses and other items. Many people are making millions of Naira yearly by packaging their knowledge and selling it through digital products on Selar.

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