R&S Lotto Empire | Result for Today & How to Play Online

R&S Lotto is one of the biggest lottery companies in Nigeria, it was established in 2012 and is licensed by the Nigerian lottery regulator.

R&S Lotto website is rslotto.com and they also offer an Android app that you can download from the Google Playstore even though there have been a lot of complaints about the app.

R&S Lotto Result

To check R&S Lotto result for today, simply visit the fanpage on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/rslottoltd.official/

They post pictures and videos of draws everyday so you will know whether your numbers have won or not.

You can also confirm R&S lotto result by going to any of their shops near you. R&S Special Lotto draws are done on Thursdays by 9:30 AM & Sunday by 12:30 PM while R&S Lotto results are published immediately after the draw result is announced.

R&S Lotto Empire Customer Care

R&S lotto customer care number is 07030111777 and the email address is info@rslotto.com. The head office of R&S Lotto is located at 53 Moorehouse Street, Ogui Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. R&S is very active on Facebook so you can send them a message there if you need help with any of their services.

Important Note: There are a lot of scammers pretending to be R&S Lotto agents and staff on Facebook and elsewhere, do not send any money to anybody for any reason, go to their office directly if you have any issues to avoid being scammed.

How to Play R&S Lotto

The most common way of playing lotto games with R&S is by going to their shop, choosing the game you want to play and then depositing your money to play after choosing your winning numbers on your ticket. If your chosen numbers win, then you can go to any R&S lotto shop with your ticket to claim your winnings.

It is also adviced that you sign at the back of your ticket so that no one else can claim your winnings if you get the prediction right. After you choose your numbers, all you need to do is to wait for the draw to know the results. If your numbers win, you can claim your winnings in any r&s shop near you.

Winning R&S Lotto or any other lottery for that matter is usually a matter of luck however some experienced players have found ways to get luck on their side. Some common techniques used to win lotto games include:

Forecasting: This strategy uses past lotto results to predict the numbers that will most likely win in the future. It is the most popular strategy used by experts but it is still not certain and will win few times out of many games played.

Targeted numbers: This tactic uses a technique where the player picks some numbers he/she believes will win and then use this same numbers to play every game one after the other until they win. This strategy is a long shot but it works for some lucky people.

Dream numbers: Some people dream or have a strong conviction about winning lottery numbers and funny enough, some play these numbers and win. It is a very risky strategy though and should only be used when you don’t have much to lose.

Hot & Cold Numbers: There are some numbers that appear frequently in draws while there are some that almost never appear, the ones that always appear are called hot numbers and experienced lotto players use them to win most of the time while the ones that hardly appear are called cold numbers and are ignored by experienced players.

Games you can play with R&S Lotto include PERM, Against, Banker, etc.

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