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Chief Pete Edochie is a veteran Nigerian actor that has been acting for over 30 years and is recognized across Africa as a highly talented and seasoned actor. He became prominent in the 1980s when he played the lead role in the movie adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s all-time best-selling novel “Things Fall Apart” by Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

Since then, he has been honored with some prestigious honors, including being honored as a Member of the Order of the Niger by President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2003.

He is from the Igbo tribe in the eastern part of Nigeria and is a dedicated catholic.

Age and birthday

Pete Edochie is 75 years old and was born on 7th march 1947.

Early life and education.

Pete was born on march 7, 1947, in Zaria to his parents, indigenes of Anambra state. He did his primary school at St. Patrick’s and then St. James Primary School, Zaria, and completed his secondary education at St. John’s College in Kaduna.

After completing his secondary school education, he worked at the Nigerian Railway Corporation for a while before traveling to England to get a diploma in the School of Journalism and Television in England.


The first stage performance by Pete was in 1962 during a school play adapted from the play “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare. He was just fifteen at the time.

At the age of 20, in 1967, Edochie ventured into radio broadcasting as a Junior Programs Assistant in the eastern Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation, later renamed Anambra broadcasting service (ABS). He worked with the corporation for three years, under which course he was gradually promoted up to the level of Deputy Managing Director and occasionally acted as the Managing Director.

He quit the broadcasting job at ABS when the government started to politicize the affairs of the station resulting in the sacking of the entire management team, including him. After leaving the ABS, he enrolled in the Nigerian movie industry as an actor in 1970. Despite being recognized as a seasoned actor by his colleagues, it wasn’t until 1980 that Pete became famous for his acting after the release of the National television authority’s adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s famous book” Things fall apart,” where he played the lead role of Okonkwo.

Pete portrayed his acting skills excellently in the movie; he was honored with an international award, and even the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) flew in to interview him for his role as Okonkwo in Things fall apart.

He has since built a reputation as an outstanding Nollywood actor and has endured in the industry for over 3 decades.


Pete Edochie has featured in more than 300 movies in Nollywood. Although almost all the movies he features in turn out to be popular just because of his influence, these are some of the most prominent movies Pete Edochie has acted in.

Things Fall Apart (1987), TV series

Last Ofalla

Lion throne

Evil men


Lionheart (2018)

Heavy Battle

Test Your Heart

Billionaire Club

Egg of Life

Love & Politics

Miserable Wealth

The Omega

Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage

Rejected Son

Passage of Kings

End of Money

No More War

Price of Ignorance

Sacred Tradition

Across the Niger

The Staff of Odo


Terrible Sin



Lost Kingdom

Narrow Escape

Personal life and family

Pete Edochie hails from Anambra state. He is married to his wife, Josephine Edochie, and they have six children together, including Yul and Linc Edochie, his sons, who are also professional Nollywood actors.

Pete lives a simple lifestyle with his wife as his children are all grown and leading their own lives.

On his 70th birthday,  in an interview,  he said that he still felt strong even though he had acted for over 30 years. When asked what the secret to his agility was, Edochie says, “Taking life easy and planning purposefully for everything makes life worth living as well as aging gracefully.”

Endorsements and Awards

Edochie is considered one of Africa’s most talented actors, being honored with an Industry Merit Award by Africa Magic and a City Movie Lifetime Achievement award by Africa Film Academy. In June 2020, Pete received an African film legend award at the 2020 African film festival for the role he played in the development of the film industry in Africa.

He has an endorsement deal with Nigerian Breweries as an ambassador for Life Ledger Beer.

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