How to Link NIN to MTN SIM: Step by Step Guide

Linking national identity numbers to MTN SIM cards in Nigeria is now obligatory for every Nigerian to continue enjoying full telecommunication services. The Nigeria communication commission, NCC, clearly states the consequences for failing to link NIN to SIM cards within a given time frame.

The NCC instructed all telecommunication companies operating in Nigeria to disconnect and cut off all owners of SIM lines who failed to adhere to the obligation. Furthermore, new MTN subscribers are not exempted from the NCC obligation to link NIN to their new SIM.

To curb and curtail the ongoing criminal activities such as kidnapping, and cyber and internet fraud, perpetrated by criminals using sum cards, the NCC mandated telecommunication companies to register all sum lines in Nigeria. To avoid getting barred from making outbound calls, you must register for NIN and link it to your SIM card.

This guide will show you how to link your NIN to your MTN SIM card at your convenience and comfort.  Avoid getting disconnected from family and friends and get the best of MTN’s uninterrupted telecom services. Relationships and networks are vital in our daily activities, so we must do everything possible to avoid getting out of touch with them. Before linking your NIN to your SIM line, you need to register for NIN.

Registering for NIN

The first and most important thing you need to do to begin the process of linking your NIN to your SIM is to first register for NIN. Below are easy steps to do it;

  • Visit the NIMC pre-enrolment portal, download and print the enrolment slip
  • Go to your nearest NIMC registration center and submit your application
  • NIN issuance instantly

How to Check your NIN on the MTN network

Have you registered for NIN but forgot your NIN or misplaced the slip? Following the steps below, you can still retrieve your NIN from your mobile number without registering again.

  • Dial ‘346# and follow the instructions you see on your screen.
  • Press 1, which is NIN retrieval
  • Note that a service fee of #20 will be charged, so ensure that you have sufficient funds on your mobile number
  • Click submit

How to Link Your NIN to Your MTN Line

This is the most important part of this guide, so read through to the end to get the information. To enjoy uninterrupted and seamless MTN service, you must link your NIN to your MTN line.

If you recently bought your MTN SIM packs, you have to link it to your NIN before you can use it. The same also applies to existing SIMs disconnected from making calls due to not linking your NIN. There are four major ways of linking your NIN to your MTN line.

Linking NIN to MTN by dialing the USSD code

This is the simplest way to link your NIN to your MTN line because it involves dialing of code at your convenience. The USSD code is ‘785#, and it only works with MTN lines.

Begin by dialing ‘785# on your phone, then follow the instructions by inserting your NIN and clicking submit. Be aware that you might receive an error message; it might be network so redial in a few seconds to retry the process all over again.

Linking NIN to MTN SIM by using my MyMTNApp

  • Download myMTNApp on Google play store or Apple, depending on your phone
  • Login into the app with your phone number and click proceed to submit your NIN information
  • Click submit

Linking NIN by using MTN NIN online portal

  • Visit MTN online NIN portal to register
  • Fill in your phone number, email address, NIN and click next
  • A token number will be send to your phone number. Copy and paste it in
  • Click on submit and click validate to process
  • Then you will receive a thank you message that your submission is successful

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