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Effi lotto is a popular lotto prediction company based in Nigeria. The company is especially popular for lotto forecasting and is owned and operated by one person or a group of people who provide predictions of the next numbers to be drawn in the lottery.

People who use Effi lotto are mainly lotto fans and players who want to have a higher chance of picking the winning numbers.

This lotto winning number prediction service is provided via the Effi Lotto Facebook page. You can view today’s result & daily predictions for Baba Ijebu draws on the Facebook page. The page has over 123,000 followers and 595+ reviews with average review score of 4.9 which means people really like the service.

Effi Lotto Himself

Effi Lotto seems to be run by only one guy which is why the term Effi Lotto himself is very popular. The service provides predictions for popular lotto platforms like Baba Ijebu and others.

Effi lotto’s forecasts seem to be quite good due to the sheer number of people who go back to use the service all the time however you should know that Effi Lotto himself cannot predict the right results all the time no matter how good he is.

Forecasting is one of the most popular ways lotto players use to improve their chances of winning by using mathematics to predict future lotto results based on past results. Other lotto strategies include: using Hot & Cold Numbers, targeted numbers, dream numbers, etc.

Effi Lotto Himself provides his customers with daily lotto forecasts and customers can order forecasts for Premier Gold, Premier Bonanza Premier Diamond, Premier International and Premier Fortune lotteries.

No one seems to know how Effi Lotto comes up with his predictions but many people seem to trust him so it is possible that he has developed a formula for winning lotteries. Effi sometimes says that he has secret knowledge about games and God’s support.

We do not know if Effi Lotto customers have been winning after getting predictions and we haven’t seen any big prize publicly announced by Effi. Predicting winners is a game of luck and experience most of the time.

You need to be careful when patronizing lotto prediction websites because some of them are just plain scams who want to collect your money and run.

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