Baba Ijebu | Result for Today & How to Play Online

Baba Ijebu is one of the oldest and most popular lotto companies in Nigeria. Its registered company name is Premier Lotto Limited and it was founded in 2001 by Chief Kensington Adebutu. The company has a wide reach offline with thousands of agents all over Nigeria and has also built a website where customers can play games to win huge prizes.

The Baba Ijebu website is and it allows users register, fund their accounts and play games like Metro, International, Gold, Diamond, Peoples, Bingo, MSP, etc., it has also added football, virtual, live and other games. It has Android & iPhone apps that can be downloaded on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

There is also a USSD code which can be used to play the game on mobile phones without the need for internet connection but it is available only to MTN users currently, it is *755#. The website has live chat option for people who need instant help from a customer support staff.

Baba Ijebu Result for Today

To check the verified latest Baba Ijebu results for today online, visit the website: and click on the game name to view the result or dial *755# from any MTN line and select Recent Draws, the result for the day will be displayed on your screen.

The winning numbers for all games will be shown including Tota, Gold, 06, Jackpot, Club Master, Super, Lucky, Diamond, People’s, Bingo, Metro, MSP, international, Royal, Mark II, Enugu, Lucky, King, National, Fairchance, Bonanza & VAG.

Baba Ijebu Past Results

To view past results for Baba Ijebu games, visit the website and click on the period you want to see results for e.g. Yesterday, 7 days, 14 days, 180 days, then select the game you want to see results for e.g. Premier MK II, Premier Tota, Premier Super, etc.

The results for each draw for the dates you choose will be shown on your screen immediately.

Baba Ijebu Owner & CEO

As mentioned earlier, Chief Kensington Adebutu is the founder, owner and CEO of the Baba Ijebu/Premier Lotto company. He started it in 2001 as a lotto company to cater to low income earners in Nigeria, this enabled millions of people take interest in the game as it can be played with as low as 50 Naira now and as low as 5 Naira when it first started.

He started his career as a salesman and rose to become a regional manager at a top company in Nigeria before deciding to open his lotto business. He is also the owner of a top construction company in Nigeria called Arbico Plc. He is one of the richest men in Nigeria and has been given several awards such as OON & CON. He is married to several wives and has many successful children.

Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough

Baba Ijebu pay me my dough is a funny phrase players say which means that Baba Ijebu will have to pay them when they win after they enter the lottery. It doesn’t mean Baba Ijebu is owing them money but means he will soon owe them money when they win.

It has become a sticky phrase players say when they believe that luck will shine on them and they will win a lot of money.

Baba Ijebu Today Games

To play Baba Ijebu games for today, just go to or download the app, if you already have an account, sign in and choose the game you want to play. You will see all the games for today there so you can choose anyone you want. Simply fund your account and play.

If you don’t have an account on the Baba Ijebu website or app, you will need to sign up and provide some details. After you do that, you can deposit money in your Baba Ijebu account with your ATM card, through USSD code, bank transfer or bank deposit.

You can also play Baba Ijebu today games by dialing *755# on your phone if you have an MTN line. When you dial the code, you can select NAP2, NAP3, PERM2, PERM3, sports games and more to play. To play using the USSD code on MTN, dial *755# and follow these instructions:

  • Select the game you want to play for example Premier Enugu under PERM2
  • Input the numbers you want to play with (make sure you put space between each number so that they are counted differently.
  • Select the stake (amount) you want to play with for example 50 Naira or 100 Naira (This will be deducted from your airtime on your phone)
  • Select ‘Yes’ to confirm your game and pay or select ‘No’ to cancel it.

How to Play Baba Ijebu

There are many ways to play Baba Ijebu but the most popular and simplest game is the NAP2 ticket, to play this game, follow these steps:

  • Go the the baba ijebu website or download the app and register or dial *755# on an MTN Line
  • Select a draw you want to play in (Draws are all the same game but are played at different times)
  • Choose any two numbers between 1 and 90 (for example 2 and 7)
  • Choose the amount you want to play with (50 Naira minimum and 50,000 Naira maximum)
  • You win if all the numbers you choose are among the winning numbers

There are other types of NAP games that are played in the same way and the difference between them is the amount of numbers you can choose and the potential winnings. See below:

Ticket NameAmount of Numbers to SelectPotential Winnings
NAP2Select 2 numbers between 1 & 90240 x Your Bet Amount
NAP3Select 3 numbers between 1 & 902,100 x Your Bet Amount
NAP4Select 4 numbers between 1 & 906,000 x Your Bet Amount
NAP5Select 5 numbers between 1 & 9044,000 x Your Bet Amount

After you play the game, all you need to do is to wait till the winning numbers for the day are announced. Everyday, draws are held in Lagos and 5 balls with numbers on them between 1 and 90 are selected randomly.

If all the numbers you choose are drawn, then you will win the amount you staked multiplied by the winnings multiple for your game for example if you stake 1000 Naira on NAP2 with 240x multiple, if all your numbers are drawn, that means you will win 240,000 Naira (1000×240).

If all your numbers are drawn, your money will be paid to your Baba Ijebu wallet and you can withdraw it to your bank account.

PERM Games

PERM games are more complicated but give you several chances to win and the PERM2 game is the most popular. For the PERM2 game,  you can pick between 3 to 10 numbers and the higher the amount of numbers drawn, the higher the prizes you can win. For example:

A user chooses 7, 14, 49 in a PERM2 game, this means that they have three winning combinations during the draw, a combination is called a ‘line’

Line 1 = 7 & 14

Line 2 = 7 & 49

Line 3 = 14 & 49

The amount the user will pay is a total of the individual amount for each combination for exampke, if the user decides to pay 1000 Naira for each line, then total amount to be paid for the ticket will be 3000 Naira.

For winning, see an example of how it works below:

Numbers DrawnWinning CombinationsFinal Winnings
9, 20, 37, 80, 95No winning0
1, 7, 14, 65, 721 winning line (7&14)240,000 Naira (N1000 x 240)
7, 10, 14, 27, 493 winning lines (7&14, 7&49, 14&49)720,000 Naira ((1000 x3) x 240)

There is also PERM3, with higher winning potential and the ability to choose up to 10 numbers for up to 120 different lines. The more numbers you choose, the more risky it is but the more money you stand to win if your numbers are picked. You can also play PERM 2 with up to 10 numbers for up to 45 lines.

1Banker Ball

The 1Banker ball game allows users to select just one number out of numbers 1 to 90 and then stake a bet amount.

The total stake amount = Single stake amount X 89

Potential winnings is 960 X Single Purchase Amount

Against Market

The Against Market game are also complicated but give customers multiple winning chances. Here is an example:

Users pick 5 top numbers and 5 bottom numbers e.g.

Top Numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

Bottom Numbers: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

The top numbers will be multiplied by the bottom numbers to get the number of lines so in this case we’ll have 5 x5 = 25 lines.

The number of lines will then be multiplied by the stake to give the total stake so if you stake 1000 Naira, your total stake will be 1000 x25 = 25,000.

For winnings, the multiplier is 240 and it is calculated like this: Winnings = Number of winnings lines X Stake amount Per line X Prize Multiplier

How to Play Baba Ijebu Online

To play Baba Ijebu online through the website or mobile app, follow these steps (You must be at least 18 years old to register):

  • Go to or download the app on Google Playstore or Apple Store
  • Click Register or Login with your username and password if you have already registered
  • To register, enter your details (username, email address, password), accept the terms and conditions and click Register
  • Click Deposit
  • Enter your details (Name, Address, Date of Birth & Phone Number) and click Update Account Details
  • Select a payment method from the options provided Opay, Paystack, Quickteller, Flutterwave, USSD Code, Deposit, etc.)
  • Choose the amount you want to deposit and complete your payment. Your deposit will reflect on your Baba Ijebu account once it is received.
  • Select a draw for the day e.g. Premier Enugu and then select a game to play e.g. NAP2
  • Pick the numbers you want to play with and click ‘Add to Betslip’
  • Enter your stake amount e.g. 1000 Naira
  • Click Place Bet

If your numbers are among the winning numbers, you will be notified that you have won and your winnings will be credited to your Baba Ijebu online wallet on the website or app.

To withdraw your winnings from Baba Ijebu, do the following:

  • Click on Wallet
  • Click on Withdraw
  • Choose the amount to withdraw
  • Enter your account number
  • Select your bank
  • Click Withdraw

Withdrawals may not be instant and might take some time before you get it in your bank account. You can only withdraw to a bank account with the same name you used to register for your Baba Ijebu account.

How to Play Baba Ijebu in Shop

To play Baba Ijebu in shops, simply visit any Baba Ijebu shop or stand near you and tell the agent which game you want to play.

You will be asked to select numbers between 1 and 90 and then you will make your payment after which you will be given a slip containing the numbers you choose. If your numbers are picked, you can go to the Baba Ijebu shop to claim your winnings.

Baba Ijebu Prediction

There are some platforms that provide baba ijebu today prediction for free and some are paid. You should note that these platforms cannot guaranty that the numbers they give will win and they are just providing educated guesses based on experience and historical data.

These predictions are mostly done on Facebook with groups like AK Forecaster &  lottobigwinners.

Baba Ijebu Customer Care

The customer care number for Baba Ijebu is 09091234535 and the second phone number is 01-4663270.

Baba Ijebu Lotto’s email address is and their head office is located at 112 Funsho Williams Avenue, Ojuelegba, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.


*Please note that lotto games are games of luck and the possibility of you winning life changing amounts is really low so always play with caution to avoid heavy losses.

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