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Tezos (XTZ) Coin Token – Crypto News & Price Prediction

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a blockchain that allows users carry out peer-to-peer transactions on its decentralized and open source blockchain, it is also used to deploy smart contracts. Tez with the XTZ symbol is its native cryptocurrency.

Tezos was proposed in 2014 by Arthur and Kathleen Breitman and raised $232 million during its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2017.

Tezos allows users who own its XTZ cryptocurrency to vote to change its rules after which the software updates automatically to make sure the changes are effected.

Tezos News

Here are some of the latest news from Tezos, this is updated frequently:

  1. Tezos releases TenderBake Upgrade

The TenderBake upgrade codenamed ‘Ithaca 2,’ has been released after being voted in by the Tezos community. The new upgrade enables lower block times which will enable faster transactions and smoother-running applications on Tezos.

  1. Tezos signs deal to provide tokenized assets for three Swiss Companies

Incore Bank, Inacta & Crypto Finance Group announced in August 2021 that they would start using Tezos to develop DAR-1 tokens which use smart contracts to adhere to anti–money laundering rules and provide better governance, Incore Bank will also be providing staking services for the Tezos network.

  1. Tezos claims to be a self-repairing blockchain

Tezos says what makes its blockchain unique is its ability to evolve with its self-amending nature where users can propose and vote on-chain to approve changes and have them implemented automatically. This makes decision making faster than with other blockchains that practice off-chain governance.

  1. XTZ posted up to 330% gains in 2021 but has seen a decline this year

Tezos posted strong gains last year with its price rising from $2.01 on January 1st 2021 to a peak of $8.70 on 4th October 2021 but along with the broader crypto market crash, the price has dipped to $3.67 as at the time of writing this.

  1. You can stake XTZ and earn interest

You can buy Tezos on the top crypto exchanges and stake it through an exchange or your wallet to earn interest on your coins. About 77% of XTZ tokens are staked and currently earn an average of 4.66% APR.

How to Buy Tezos?

Buying Tezos is easy and straightforward, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose your preferred crypto exchange e.g. CoinBase, Binance, FTZ, Kraken, etc
  2. Create an account and complete registration
  3. Fund your account with your Debit Card, Bank Account or Wire Transfer
  4. Click Buy on your crypto exchange dashboard
  5. Use the search bar to search for Tezos or XTZ
  6. Select Tezos and input the amount you want to purchase
  7. Confirm the details you inputted and finalize the purchase
  8. You should now see the amount of Tezos tokens you’ve purchased in your crypto account

Where to Buy Tezos?

You can buy Tezos XTZ coins on almost all crypto exchanges because of its popularity. Here are some top exchanges to consider.

  1. Crypto.com: One of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world which offers the ability to stake your coins and earn some interest.
  2. Binance: This is the biggest crypto exchange in the world and offers spot and margin trading as well as many other features.
  3. Coinbase: This is the most highly regarded crypto exchange worldwide and its stocks are traded on the US stock market. You can use Coinbase to buy XTZ and other cryptocurrencies.

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