Tecno F1 Review, Specs & Price in Nigeria


The Tecno F1 is one of Tecno’s 2019 products, and this device is one of the low-end Android phones the company has got to offer. This device is a very affordable one, and we would be recommending it to anyone who just needs to get a very affordable phone that can be used to call and access some internet services. If you are the type looking for a device to play games, this article is not for you. But if you are interested in a smartphone that could function as a small phone, then you should read on.

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Appearance and Display

The appearance of the Tecno F1 is nothing special. This device comes with the typical low-end smartphone design, and we would not consider that a disappointment. Our reason for saying this is that the device is just too affordable for us to ask much from it. As regards the dimension of this product, the F1 measures 145 x 74.2 x 9.7 mm, with the width being 74.2 mm, the length being 145 mm, and the thickness being 9.7 mm. The colours in which the F1 is available in, include: black, gold, blue, and red.

From the dimension of the Tecno F1, you should be able to tell the size of its display. However, if you can not, it is okay. The F1 comes with a 5.00-inch display, and this display is an in-plane (IPS) liquid crystal display (LCD). We find the resolution of the product to be about 480 x 854 pixels, leaving it with a low pixel density. This display is clearly nothing much, but we find it to be an item than can be managed. And as regards the power consumption of the LCD, we found no issues with it.

Computing Power

The computing power of the Tecno F1 does not make it a product that would be ideal for playing heavy games. However, the device seems to play small games without issues.

Giving details about the component powering the F1, we have the MediaTek MT6580A chipset powering this phone. The MediaTek MT6580A chipset a quad-core chipset, and it has got four cores which can be clocked at about 1.30 GHz. When it comes to power-efficiency, a chipset like this is a thing you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It might also be useful stating that we have seen this same chipset in a good number of other low-end smartphones.

The MediaTek MT6580A featured by the Tecno F1, has got the help of a pretty good graphics processing unit. The GPU of this device is of course not as good as that of mid-range and high-end phones, but it is pretty good for what it was designed. Being a little elaborate, we have the Mali-400 MP2 GPU to be the graphics processor of the smartphone.

The Tecno F1 is a very affordable phone, but one of the price for that, is that it comes with just 512 MB of RAM. This makes it far from being a product you can use for heavy tasks.

OS and Storage

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The Tecno F1 is powered by an operating system from Tecno. This operating system in known as the HiOS operating system, and it is based on the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. It is however important to note that the OS powering this phone is not the standard edition of the Android Oreo. The phone is rather powered by a Go edition of the Android Oreo. While some Tecno devices would be allowed to upgrade their OS to something based on the Android 9.0 or the Android 10, we doubt such an upgrade would be made available to the F1.

The Tecno F1 of course has some internal storage device. The internal storage device featured by the phone has got a capacity of about 8 GB, When we subtracted the amount of space in use by the OS and some pre-installed items, a user of the phone would be left with about 5 GB. For a typical user of this phone, a 5 GB storage is pretty adequate. However, if there is need for storage space expansion, a micro SD card can be inserted into the smart phone. You only have to be sure that the micro SD card does not have more than 32 GB of storage space.


We have two cameras on the Tecno F1, and as expected, one lies in the front while the other is on the rear side. The front camera of this phone is a 2 MP camera which is not really enhanced. As stated by the manufacturer, this front camera can be used to take 30 frames per second 480p videos.

The rear side of the device features a 5 MP camera. This peripheral has got more enhancement than the 2 MP camera in the front. The 5 MP camera can furthermore be used to take 720p videos.


The Tecno F1 is a dual SIM smartphone. It has got support for micro SIM cards, and not nano SIM cards. However, this phone does not come with 4G support, as its is way too affordable to have that. If you find yourself in places with poor internet connection, you can always use the Wi-Fi support of the phone. And just like most Android phones, the device can be used as a mobile hotspot.

We have a 2,400 mAh battery powering the Tecno F1, and we do not think this is a bad thing. While a 2,400 mAh battery may be too small for some smart devices, it is not, when it comes to the F1. The F1 is powered by power-efficient component, so a full charge would be enough to last a user a full day. However, the phone does not come with any rapid-charge technology.


  • Display: 5.00 In-plane Switching LCD
  • Chipset: MediaTek MT6580A quad-core
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Android 8.0 Oreo (Go edition)
  • Storage: 8 GB
  • Battery: 2,400 mAh battery
  • Cameras: 2 MP front camera; 5 MP rear camera

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