Phone Watch – Where to Buy in Nigeria

Phone watches are mobile phones taking the form of a wrist watch. While these devices may not be needed by most people, there are people who find them really useful.

There are a lot of phone watches out there, and a majority of them are Android-powered devices. In other words, it is possible to chat on some of these devices.

Can they be used to make and receive calls?

Phone watches work just like a phone, so mobile network support is not a thing you have to worry about. We have a good number of these devices coming with support for both 2G and 3G networks.

Are there phone watches with 4G support?

As of the time of writing this article, we are yet to come across a product that truly has 4G support. Not that 4G support can not be added to these devices. The problem is just that 4G support would unnecessarily drive up the cost of the products.

Do they come with internet support?

Just as we have stated earlier, there are some products that can be used to chat. And by chat, we are talking about WhatsApp. In other words, we have some of these devices coming with support for internet access.

Do they have support for Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is one of those technologies majority of phone watches come with. With support for Bluetooth, you can have this device function as a music player. In other words, people who like to work out, would have no need to have separate devices for knowing the time and playing some music.

Do they have micro SD card support?

While not every phone watch comes with support for micro SD card, we have a good number of them supporting micro SD card. With a micro SD, you are able to do a lot more with the phone.

Some other cool things

There are a good number of phone watches having cameras. With their front-facing cameras, you can use these devices to take pictures. While majority of phone watches come with crappy cameras, it is possible to get one that has a good camera.

We have a good number of phone watches that can provide you water-resistance. Some even guarantee water-resistance at up to 100 meters. In other words, people who love to swim, may not need to take off the device, every time they choose to swim.

A phone watch would also be a good item for someone who would not love to miss a notification, and they are also not willing to carry around their smart phone.

Also, if you are trying to take the recording of a conversation you are going to be having with someone, you should also consider getting a phone watch. To the person, you are just putting on a watch, whereas, the device is already recording your conversation with the person.

If our discussion so far has convinced you that a phone watch is a thing worthwhile of being bought, then continue reading this article, as we would now be discussing places you can buy phone watches.

Places to buy a phone watch

Phone watches are devices available in many physical stores and online stores. If you live in a well-developed place, you only have to walk down to a store, to get yourself a build of this device.

However, if for some reason or the other, you would prefer buying your watch from an online store, the following e-commerce platforms are places to get a good phone watch.


Amazon is the world’s most popular e-commerce platform. While the company is primarily based in the United States, nothing stops people from other countries from buying from this platform. It has got a lot of stores selling electronic devices and appliance. In other words, getting a good phone watch would not be a problem. As Amazon is a big place, there is great chances of coming across some pretty cool deals. To buy yourself this item on Amazon, you only have to visit the website or download its mobile app. The Amazon mobile app is available for both Android users and iOS users.


China is well-known for copying things happening in other countries, and AliExpress is the Chinese version of Amazon. AliExpress is also a cool place to get a phone watch; in fact, we might consider it one of the places you might find products selling at very affordable prices. Since most sellers on the platform are based in China, do not be surprised if you find better deals on this platform. Just like Amazon, AliExpress has got a website as well as mobile apps. Its Android app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore, while its iOS app can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore.


Jumia is another e-commerce platform, but this one is targeted at Nigerians. In other words, delivery of your items would often take shorter periods. There are a lot of very cool phone watches selling on this platform. We have seen products selling for about N4,500. We have also seen products selling at more expensive prices. Buying on Jumia is pretty safe, although you still have to exercise some care, to avoid being scammed. To make an order on Jumia, simply log on to, or download its app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore.


We have Konga to also be a place you can get a good phone watch. This platform is pretty popular, and if you have ever ordered something on this place, then you should have no problem trusting Konga. The prices of products on this e-commerce platform are similar to those of Jumia, so deciding between Jumia and Konga would be a matter of choice. Konga, just like the three other platforms we have discussed, has got its own website and mobile apps. While most people would prefer the website, nothing stops you from downloading its mobile apps.

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