Itel P33 Plus Review, Specs & Price in Nigeria


The release of the iTel P33 was accompanied by that of the iTel P33 Plus. The iTel P33 Plus is a product we would recommend to anyone having some extra cash to spare. While the standard P33 would be good enough for most people demanding a low-end device, the iTel P33 Plus would even serve them better. The differences between these two devices lie in their display and battery capacity. Even though the 4,000 mAh battery of the P33 is more than enough, the P33 Plus comes with an even more powerful Li-Ion battery.

Appearance and Display

The appearance of the iTel P33 Plus looks a lot like that of its standard version, although they have different dimensions. Owning to the larger display of the P33 Plus, it is significantly larger than its standard version. We do not find the design of the phone to be unappealing, and the phone is available in three colours: black, blue, and champagne gold. Most people would love the black colour, but if you do not, you should love, at least, one of the blue colour and champagne gold colour. In addition, the device features a plastic build.

As stated above, one of the major differences between the iTel P33 and the P33 Plus, is their display. While the former comes with a 5.50-inch display, the latter has got a 6.00-inch display. A lot of people love phones with large displays, one of the reasons we decided to give the phone a 5-star rating in the aspect of display. The resolution remains the same, 720 x 1,440 pixels. In other words, their pixel density are different. However, the type of display both phones remain the same: in-plane switching liquid crystal display.

Computing Power

The MediaTek MT6580 chipset which we find to be powering the iTel P33, is also the same chipset powering the other phone. The chipset, as we all expect, is a quad-core chipset, with cores rated at 1.30 GHz. The P33 Plus is designed to be used for light tasks, and if used as its was designed, you should have no problem with its performance. And this is not just an assumption, we are pretty confident about this, as we have seen the MediaTek MT6580 chipset in a good number of other low-end devices. In summary, the device gets a 4-star rating in this aspect.

There is no difference between the P33 and the P33 Plus, in the aspect of the display. In other words, the P33 Plus also comes with the same graphics processing unit, as the former. The GPU we find in both phones is the Mali-400 MP2, an item we deem fit of being a part of this article. It is worthwhile stating that the Mali-400 MP2 is not a new product, and the reason why it has been so successful, is its quality. In summary, you have nothing to worry about in this aspect.

OS and Storage

We have a Go edition of the Android operating system powering the iTel P33, so is the iTel P33 Plus. The OS these two devices run, is the Go edition of the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. Considering the computing power of these devices, it would have been inappropriate to power the device with the standard Android 8.1 Oreo OS. Had these devices been powered by the standard Android 8.1 Oreo OS, lagging would be a problem users of the phones would experience. However, we are quite unsure if the OS of the phones is a stock Android or a custom Android OS.

We have a 16 GB device working as the storage of the iTel P33. Such an amount of storage space is more than enough for a low-end device. However, it is worthwhile noting that not all of this 16 GB can be used by you. A few GB of the 16 GB are meant for the OS and pre-installed apps of the smart device. But for people who would love to use more storage space, the P33 Plus has got support for micro SD card. All you have to expand the storage space of the phone is to get a micro SD card not having a capacity of more than 32 GB.


The cameras featured by the iTel P33 Plus, are three in number. The phone has one front camera and two rear cameras. The front camera of the smartphone is a 5 MP camera which is fairly enhanced. This front camera can be used to take 720p videos. We also have a LED flash supporting the front camera. There are two cameras on the rear side of the phone. One of these cameras is a 0.8 MP camera, while the other one is an 8 MP camera. This main camera on the rear side of the P33 Plus is also a fairly enhanced peripheral.


This phone, just like its standard version, does not come with support for any 4G network. We would not say we are disappointed, as this phone is a low-end smartphone. But as regards the 2G and 3G support of the device, you have completely nothing to be concerned about. The Wi-Fi support of the iTel P33 Plus, is also something you have nothing to worry about.

If you are a dual SIM smartphone lover, the phone would not disappoint, as it has got support for two SIM cards. The phone works with nano SIM cards, and not micro SIM cards. Using any of these SIM cards with a 3G network, should be no problem.

It was stated that the iTel P33 and the iTel P33 Plus differ in the aspect of battery, so let us take a look at that. The P33 Plus comes with a 5,000 mAh battery, the reason we are giving this device a 5-star in this aspect. The smartphone seems to be designed for people who would not be able to charge their phone every now and then, or even days. Not so many low-end devices can boast of such a battery.