Itel A33 Review, Specs & Price in Nigeria


In March of 2019, iTel released a set of smartphones, and the iTel A33 happens to be one of them. Just as the company’s products are known for, the iTel A33 is a low-end smart device and it sells at a pretty affordable price. It has nothing special, and it is merely another affordable Android phone. However, if you looking forward to buying a new low-end smart device, the iTel A33 is one of those products you can take into consideration. In other words, take the next few minutes to read what we have to discuss about this smart phone.

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Design and Display

Low-end smart devices are not always products that come with excellent design, so you should not really expect the iTel A33 to have a nice design. However, this is not to mean that the design of this product is a terrible one. The phone comes with a plastic body, while being available in three colours, namely: champagne gold, city blue, and piano black. As regards the dimension of this iTel, this device measures 5.66 x 2.85 x 0.37 inches, an equivalent of 136.7 x 68 x 8.3 mm.

The display of the iTel A33 is a 5.00-inch display. The display of this product is furthermore an in-plane switching liquid crystal display which has support for over 16 million colours. The resolution of this display is 480 x 854, leaving the smartphone with a pixel density of about 219 pixels per inch. We can not consider this touchscreen a poor one, as the phone is a low-end smart device. It is however worthwhile noting that the display of the iTel A33 has got the protection of scratch-resistant glass. Also the display of the smart phone leaves it with a screen-to-body ratio of 73.2 percent.

Computing Power

The computing power of the iTel A33 is just like that of a typical low-end smart device. The phone is powered by the MediaTek MT6580 chipset, a chipset pretty popular among low-end devices. The chipset has got a total of four cores, the four of which can be clocked at 1.30 GHz. If the phone is used as it was designed to be used, this chipset should be no problem. However, if you should use it for heavy duty tasks, you are very likely to experience a poor performance from this phone. The MediaTek MT6580 chipset that powers the A33 is a 32 nm process chipset.

While the MediaTek MT6580 chipset handles the generic computing tasks of the iTel A33, we have the Mali-400MP2 to be the component handling it graphics-related task. The Mali-400MP2 graphics processing unit is an item we have seen in a good number of good low-end devices, so you have nothing to worry about.

The main memory the MediaTek MT6580 chipset works with, is a RAM having a capacity of about 1 GB RAM. A RAM of 1 GB is the standard for 2019 low-end smartphone, so we are far from disappointed about this.

OS and Storage

As the iTel A33 has the MediaTek MT6580 chipset as its chipset and a 1 GB RAM as its main memory, powering the device by a standard edition of an Android operating system would be inappropriate. Knowing this, the manufacturer of this smart device decided to power the phone by the Go edition of the OS. Being a little more elaborate, the OS that powers the A33 is the Go edition of the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. And as we all know, an Android 9 or 10 upgrade is very unlikely to be provided for this device.

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The storage the iTel A33 comes with, is an 8 GB storage. We would say we are not disappointed with such an amount of storage, as this is the amount of storage products in its category come with. However, as you should already know, not all of this 8 GB would be available to you, as the phone also needs some storage space for its operating system, pre-installed apps, and some other things. As some users of this device would demand additional storage space, the iTel A33 comes with support for up to 32 GB micro SD card. Using a micro SD card having more than this amount of storage space, is not recommended.


The iTel A33 is not a selfie phone, but this does not mean it comes with no camera. It actually features camera, and not just one, but two. There is a camera positioned in the front of the phone, and the other on the rear side of the smart device. However, the front camera of the phone is a 2 MP camera which can be used to unlock the smart device. Among support this front camera has, is the support of a bright LED flash. While we have a 2 MP camera in the front of the iTel A33, we have a 5 MP camera on its rear side. This rear camera can be used to take videos of 720p.


The iTel A33, just as expected, is a dual SIM smart phone. The product has support for two micro SIM cards. However, it is not a 4G smartphone, the A33 rather has support for only 2G and 3G networks. To access the internet at super-fast speeds, you might have to use its Wi-Fi support. Also, the device can be used as a mobile hotspot, a thing we expect from any 2019 Android phone.

Mobile networks and Wi-Fi are the only connectivity technologies the iTel A33 has support for. Some other technologies this phone supports, include: the Bluetooth 4.2 technology, and the micro USB 2.0 technology.

We would also like to announce that the A33 comes with a fingerprint scanner, a thing becoming a standard for smart phones. Some other sensors coming with the phone, include: accelerometer, proximity sensor, and compass.

The iTel A33 comes powered by a 2,200 mAh Li-Ion battery. The battery is not as powerful as the batteries featured by middle-range and high-end devices, but we should remember this product comes with more power-efficient components. In other words, its battery capacity should be no problem.