Infinix Smart 3 – Review, Specs & Price in Nigeria

When trying to buy a new Infinix device, there are a good number of cool products you can take into consideration, and we find the Infinix Smart 3 to be one of them. The product was released in April 2019, and we have it in so many phone stores. The product is a middle-range device that sells at a pretty affordable price. We have not seen much complain about the design, but we have people who claimed Infinix could have made the display larger. However, even this complaint is not a serious one, so take some time to read this article.

Design and Display

As stated above, the design of the Infinix Smart 3 is not a thing we find people to be displeased with. Rather than being displeased with the design, we have so many people who love the design. Also, the phone comes in pretty nice colours, and these colours in question are Milan black, blue, and purple. As regards dimension, we find Smart 3 to be a product that measures 146.5 x 71 x 5.6 mm, the equivalent of 6.16 x 2.99 x 0.22 inch. And since the product is also not so large, it only weighs 150 grams.

The Infinix Smart 3 is an item that comes with a display of 5.50 inches. This is not as large as the common 6.00 – 6.30 inches featured by many other products in its category. This is, however, not a serious reason to drop the device when you take its pixel density into consideration. We have a good number of other products that come with a display of about 6.20 inches, but their resolution is often about 265 PPI. However, the Infinix Smart 3 has a pixel density of about 295 pixels per inch. In other words, it has roughly the same number of picture cells as the other products.

Computing Power

The Infinix Smart 3 is a mid-range smartphone, and it was treated as such when deciding the components that would power it. The first among these components is the MediaTek MT6761 Helio A22 (12 nm). The MediaTek MT6761 Helio A22 (12 nm) is a highly impressive chipset featured in a good number of other mid-range smart devices. The chipset is a 12 nm chipset which features a total of four cores. These four cores are items capable of being clocked at about 2.00 GHz.

As regards the GPU of the phone, the device is equipped with the PowerVR GE8320 GPU, so you have little to worry about. We have spotted the PowerVR 8320 in a good number of other cool mid-range devices.

There is only one version of the Infinix Smart 3, and this version comes with a main memory of about 2 GB. With this amount of main memory, you should not find the performance of this product to be disappointing. And as long as you do not have many heavy apps running in the background, the gaming experience of the device should not be poor.

OS and Storage

The Infinix Smart 3 is powered by the Android 9.0 Pie operating system, although its OS is not the stock Android 9.0 OS. The Android 9.0 Pie is one of the nicest OS Google has ever produced, with a lot of new features and improvements in a lot of aspects. The OS just has so much to offer, and you would be enjoying them all if you buy the Smart 3. Aside from the Android 10 which was recently released, we can not think of any other Android OS capable of competing with the Android 9.

Builds of the Infinix Smart 3 come with 16 GB of storage space. Some gigabytes of this 16 GB would not be available for use, as they are used to store the OS of your phone and some pre-installed apps. You can uninstall or disable some of the pre-installed apps. But rather than doing that, you can get a micro SD card, if you need extra storage space. However, when buying your micro SD card, you have to be sure not to buy a micro SD card having over 128 GB of storage space.


We have a total of three cameras coming with the Infinix Smart 3. One of these three cameras is nicely positioned in the front of the device, while the two other cameras are on the rear side of the phone. The front camera of the Smart 3 is an 8 MP camera which is highly-enhanced. It, however, does not come with the support of a LED flash.

The rear side of the phone comes with two rear cameras, one 13 MP and one 2 MP camera. The 13 MP camera is, of course, the main camera, while the other is only acting as an enhancement. The main rear camera features a good number of things, some of which include: autofocus, continuous shooting, digital zoom, geo-tagging, panorama, HDR, touch focus, face detection, white balance settings, ISO settings, exposure compensation, self-timer, scene mode, and 5-element lens.


The Infinix Smart 3 is a 4G LTE smart device, so you have nothing to worry about, in that aspect. The phone also comes with support for 2G and 3G networks. Both SIM card inserted into the phone can operate 4G networks simultaneously. And when not interested in using mobile networks for internet access, you can always use a Wi-Fi network, as the device comes with support for this technology.

The fingerprint sensor featured by the Infinix Smart 3 is positioned on its rear side. When it comes to unlocking the phone with your fingerprint, we find the scanner to be pretty fast at scanning. Some other sensors the phone comes with, include an accelerometer, proximity, and compass.

These days, we have stopped seeing smartphones coming with poor batteries, and the Smart 3 does not also come with a poor battery. The phone comes with a 3,500 mAh Li-Ion battery. The manufacturer of the phone claimed the product to be capable of spending up to 480 hours on standby.

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