Infinix Hot 7 – Review, Specs & Price in Nigeria

January of 2019 saw the release of many cool phones, with the Infinix Hot 7 being one of them. If you would be buying a new device anytime soon, then you should not be ignoring this product. The device scores pretty well, in almost every aspect, including design. And when you test the performance, you would find the product pretty good enough. The display of this phone is a 6.20-inch in-plane switching liquid crystal display. It is also worthwhile stating that we have three different builds of the product, each with different RAM sizes.

Design and Display

The design of the Infinix Hot 7 is a thing a lot of people are pleased with. The product measures 157 x 75.7 x 8 mm while coming in four different colours, namely: sandstone black, sapphire blue, blush gold, and Bordeaux red. While its dimension in mm is 157 x 75.7 x 8 mm, it dimension in inches is 6.18 x 2.98 x 0.31 inches. When you own a build of the product, you would always feel proud to hold the smart device, and this could be attributed to the overall design of the product. In addition, this device weighs about 166 grams.

As stated above, the display we find this product to have is a 6.20-inch liquid crystal display. This display is an IPS display having a pixel density of about 260 pixels per inch. With a 6.20-inch display and a pixel density of about 260, we can not consider the device to have failed in the aspect of display. If you are unable to make sense of pixel density in PPI, then maybe we should mention that its resolution is 720 x 1,440 pixels. With the display of the product and its body dimension, we calculated the product to have a screen-to-body ratio of about 83.5 percent.

Computing Power

The MediaTek MT6580 chipset is a pretty popular chipset, and this is the element powering the Infinix Hot 7. The chipset is a quad-core chipset which comes with cores that can be clocked at up to 1.30 GHz. But while we did not experience any serious lag, when testing the phone, we strongly feel the manufacturer could have done a better job equipping it with a chipset that could be clocked at, at least, 1.50 GHz. However, when it comes to the GPU, we do not consider the manufacturer to have disappointed.

We stated that the Infinix Hot 7 has three different versions: the 1 GB RAM version, the 2 GB RAM version, and the 4 GB RAM version. The 1 GB RAM version would be ideal for people who just need a phone for basic things. But for people who would be using their device for some pretty serious things, the 2 GB RAM version would be recommended. And as for the 4 GB RAM version, this version would be ideal for people who would be using their device for heavy-duty tasks like gaming.

OS and Storage

Just like Tecno and many other products from Chinese smartphone makers, the Infinix Hot 7 does not run a stock build of the Android operating system. However, the custom Android that this device runs, is based on the Go edition of the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. With an OS like this, users of the 1 GB version of the phone would have a better user experience, using the device.

The RAM of the three versions of the Infinix Hot 7 is not the only that differentiates them. Another thing which differentiates these versions are their storage spaces. While the 1 GB RAM version comes with a 16 GB storage, the 2 GB RAM version comes with a 32 GB storage. And as for the 4 GB RAM version, the product comes with 64 GB of storage space. However, regardless of what version of the product you own, you can add up to an additional 128 GB of storage. The storage space expansion can only be done with the help of a micro SD card.


There are two cameras featured by the Infinix Hot 7, we have one in the front, acting as a selfie camera. The other camera of this product lies on its rear side. The selfie camera of the smartphone is an 8 MP camera, and this item is an highly-enhanced peripheral. As this front camera has the support of a bright LED flash, taking selfies in dark places would be no problem.

The other camera of this smart device happens to be a 13 MP camera. This peripheral is also an highly-enhanced one, and the quality of the picture it takes, happen to be pretty impressive. This camera also has the support of a bright LED flash, among other things. Also, the 13 MP rear camera could be used to take 30 fps 1,080p videos.


The Infinix Hot 7 has a fingerprint scanner, and like most phones, the fingerprint scanner is positioned on the rear side of the phone. Aside from the fingerprint scanner, the phone also features some other sensors like accelerometer, proximity, and compass.

The Infinix Hot 7 is a dual SIM smart device, so for those who demand that a phone supports two SIM cards, this would not be a reason to drop the device. However, the product works with micro-SIM cards, not nano-SIM cards. And interestingly, you can have these two SIM card work simultaneously on 4G. Also, the device has been tested to work with the network of all major mobile network operators, so 4G problems are not things you would be facing.

The Infinix Hot 7, as expected, comes with support for the Bluetooth technology. But rather than coming with the Bluetooth 4.2 or the Bluetooth 5.0, this product comes with the Bluetooth 4.0. Other technologies this product has support for, include Wi-Fi and GPS.

Lastly, this smart device is a product powered by a 4,000 mAh battery, which is also a Li-Po battery. The components featured in the Infinix Hot 7 are quite energy-efficient, so you would not have to recharge your phone every now and then.

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