Gas Cylinder – Where to Buy Online in Nigeria

Cooking is a thing all human beings do, directly or indirectly. And in a country like Nigeria, when you want to cook, you would have to decide what you would be using to cook the food. We have people who use kerosene to prepare their food, and we also have people using other things like firewood, charcoal, electricity, and gas.

But, of all these sources of cooking energy, gas happens to be the most desirable for so many reasons. Even though we intend discussing places where gas cylinders can be bought, we would like to take a few minutes to discuss some reasons why gas is preferable to so many other means of cooking energy.

Gas vs Firewood

Among people living with a very little amount of money, firewood is a very popular choice of cooking energy source. And their reason for choosing gas is because it is a more cheaper option. However, when you factor in a number of other things, gas turns out to be a better option.

Cooking with firewood can be a very messy process, and as a result, this means of cooking energy might not be ideal when you have to keep your environment very clean.

Another problem with the use of firewood is the smoke it generates. By generating a lot of smoke, firewood becomes a source of cooking energy that can not be used in poorly ventilated places. To cook with firewood, there would be need for you to do your cooking outdoor.

Gas vs Charcoal

Charcoal is another alternative to wood, and it is used by people who would have preferred firewood, but do not have access to enough of them. However, charcoal has the same problems as firewood. Using charcoal can be extremely messy, and it is far from being an ideal source of cooking energy, for people who would love to keep their kitchen very clean.

The amount of smoke charcoal also generates, does not make it a good choice for someone who would prefer indoor cooking.

Gas vs Kerosene

When the messiness and smoke of firewood and charcoal are things you can not afford to endure, one of the options you have, is to start using kerosene. There is however a problem with kerosene, and that problem is that this source of cooking energy can be quite expensive. If you are the kind who would not be doing a lot of cooking, then kerosene is probably a thing you can afford. But if you would be doing a lot of cooking, you might have to consider gas.

Gas vs Electricity

Everyone who use electricity loves the fact that cooking with it is very clean. You can use it as an indoor cooking energy source. However, our problem with electricity is quite the same as that of kerosene: electricity is quite expensive in a country like Nigeria.

Where to buy a gas cylinder in Nigeria

Enough of our discussion on the reasons why we think gas is a better option than many the other sources of cooking energy. Now, let us take some time to discuss places where you can buy a gas cylinder.

When trying to buy a gas cylinder, you can either choose to buy it from a physical store or online. If you are interested in buying your cooker from a physical store, then you only have to get down to a market close to you, and get the cylinder from there. Also, shops that sell gas are also known to sell cylinders.

However, for people who are interested in buying their cylinder from an online store, there are four platforms we can recommend, and these platforms are namely: Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and Kara. Subsequent sections of this article would be discussing these platforms in more details.


Jumia is one of Nigeria’s most popular e-commerce platforms. In fact, we have many people who claim it to be the most successful of all e-commerce platforms in the country. While many people know this platform to be a place for buying phones, laptops, and related items, it is not restricted to those things. Among things you can also get from Jumia, include gas cylinders. There are gas cylinders of various sizes and colours available on the platform.


When people consider Jumia the best e-commerce platform in Nigeria, the often tag Konga the second best. Also, Konga is platform people are not aware of the fact that they can order a gas cylinder from. The e-commerce platform has got many sellers selling this item on it, and they are sold at pretty reasonable prices. When you order a gas cylinder on Konga, you should have it delivered to you, within a week. If you are unable to get it within a week, you should get it the following week.


Jiji is not necessarily a platform like Jumia and Konga. The platform rather started as a place for buying and selling used stuffs. However, we have also seen people selling new items on the platform. When thinning of buying a gas cylinder, the e-commerce platform is one of those you can take into consideration. As we have a lot of used gas cylinders on Jiji, you have to be very careful not to buy a used product, when interested in a new one. Also, you have to be very careful when using this platform, to avoid being scammed.


Kara is not a very popular e-commerce platform. It is however one of those platforms on which you can order a gas cylinder. The products on it are reasonably priced, and we consider it a safe place to buy items from. Even though we stated that this e-commerce mall is a pretty safe one, this does not mean you should not be security conscious.


The four online stores we have discussed above, are places we are pretty confident about. However, there are still many other online platforms selling gas cylinders, it is just that we are not confident about their services.

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