Npower Nigeria 2023 – Recruitment, Registration, Test, News & More

Npower is a Nigerian federal government program aimed at reducing the level of unemployment and poverty among Nigerian youths. The program focuses on the development of the country’s young populace through skills development and small business financing.

The program has an official website which is an online portal where people can register, login, write tests, read the latest npower news, check the list of successful candidates and more, the address is, a lot of people make the mistake of going to which currently belongs to an energy company in the United Kingdom.

The Npower program has various modules, they include Npower Build, Npower Volunteer, NPower Knowledge, Npower Agro, Npower Tax, Npower Creative, Npower Health, Npower Tech Hardware & Software, and Npower Teach. It is left to the participant to choose which module they want to participate in.

The program is built to help about 500 thousand graduates develop skills to help in nation building by creating solutions and job opportunities in different sectors of the economy. It helps nongraduates as well by equipping them with technical and business skills to improve on their living standard.

Npower Registration

Npower is open to youth between the ages of 18 to 35. Each module has different entry requirements with specific minimum requirements. Every applicant must show genuine interest in a specific module, the modules are agriculture, health, teach, tax, software, hardware, build, etc.

These are the steps for registering:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on N-Power programmes
  3. Select the graduate category if you are a tertiary institution graduate (University, College of Education, Polytechnic)
  4. If you are not a graduate, select non-graduate category
  5. Select the N-Power program you are interested in e.g. N-power Agro or N-power Teach
  6. Click on It, A page explaining the program you chose will load with an “Apply Now” Button
  7. Click Apply Now and follow the instructions given.

You can also send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Npower Registration 2019 – Npower is currently recruiting Nigerian youth with skills in computer programming, graphics design, animation, server administration, database management, networking, and other tech fields.

Npower News

From time to time, the Npower management sends out press releases to inform the public on the latest developments in the program such as new registration, payments, government policies, and other news.

To get the latest npower news today, you can visit, and

Npower Recruitment

N-Power recruits both unemployed graduates and non-graduates in Nigeria but there are some criteria to meet before you can be recruited. They include:

  1. You must be aged between 18 to 35
  2. You must show genuine interest in the programme you choose
  3. You must pass all relevant tests
  4. You must be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone
  5. You should be able to show a flair for the skills you need to be the best you can be.

N-Power also relies on you to take ownership of the process and lead in shaping your route through the training you receive.

Npower Build

The N-Power Build programme aims to train 75,000 non-graduate and graduate unemployed Nigerian youth to become skilled technicians, artisans, and other service professionals. The industries focused on include:  Building Services, Construction, Aluminium & Gas, Utilities, Built Environment Services and Automotive.

Prospective applicants should have an interest in fixing, building and creating things. Its duration is 3 Months.

Npower Teach

The N-Power Teach program trains volunteers who in turn help to improve the standard of basic education in Nigeria. The successful applicants are deployed to primary schools across Nigeria to assist teachers with teaching, school management and more. They also take basic education to marginalized communities.

The program lasts for two years and participants are given initial induction training before deployment.

Npower Agro

Npower Agro trains unemployed graduates to provide agricultural extension services to farmers across Nigeria in order to improve their yield and ultimately living standard of themselves, individual farmers and the country as a whole as agriculture is the predominant occupation in Nigeria.

The duration is for 2 years and participants will be given initial training before deployment.

Npower Health

N-Power Health trains participants on medical techniques needed to improve and promote healthcare in communities across Nigeria. They will help in educating the populace on preventive healthcare, especially for pregnant women and children.

Applicants with tertiary education in Medicine and other Health Sciences will be given preference in selection for this programme. Participants are given training before deployment.

Npower Tax

Tax is one of the main sources of revenue in every country and the Nigerian Federal Government intends to encourage non-compliant and partially compliant employees, businessmen and women to pay their correct taxes as at when due.

Participants in this program will be trained as Community Tax Liaison Officers working in the states they reside with the State tax authority to help to educate people on the need to pay their taxes, they will also answer online inquiries, manage customers and creating awareness compliance to tax laws.

Only graduates are eligible for this program, applicants must be unemployed at the time of application and must have completed NYSC. Applicants with tertiary education in Law, Economics, Finance, and other social science courses will be given higher preference.

Applicants must be able to use Microsoft office tools, speak and write good English, have good phone etiquette, have excellent analytical and diagnostic skills and have good knowledge of Nigeria’s tax laws and administration.

The program’s duration is 2 years and participants can pursue a career in tax management and finance after that.

Npower Portal

The portal is very easy to use, very fast and intuitive. It contains information about Npower, all its programmes, test, contact details and more. Users can register and apply for programmes on the portal and view all required information.

It also has testimonials from successful beneficiaries of the program and list of successful applicants.

Npower Test

Npower requires applicants to take some tests before their application can be completed and considered for approval. The test is taken online on the npower test portal. To access the test portal, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website –
  • Click on the Programme you want e.g. Npower Agro
  • At the top of the Npower Agro page, you will see the TEST link, click it and take the test.

Alternatively, you can go to and take the test.

Npower List

To check the list of shortlisted names for the Npower programme, simply go to and click on NPower pre-selection on the main menu. It will take you to where you can check your selection status.

Npower Login

To login to your npower account, simply visit If you have login issues, you can contact their customer care on Facebook or via email –

[email protected] or call them on 09060000446 or through their contact form –

Npower Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

To get more information on Npower, you can go to their facebook page –

You can also connect with them on Twitter – and on Instagram –

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