The Best Alternative to Paxful to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria 2019

Nigeria is popularly known as the giant of Africa. The reasons for this appellation are self-evident. First, Nigeria is the most populous black country on earth. Second, Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa. Third, Nigeria is the largest producer of crude oil in Africa. The list of Nigeria’s firsts in Africa goes on.

As you know, gift cards are usually a form of prepaid debit card given by retailers or banks as an alternative form of payment to cash. These gift cards are loaded with funds with the typical gift card issued ranging from $10-$500.  

One reason why gift card is popular is that the cards can easily be tracked as they are registered online and funds within stolen cards can be frozen if reported to the relevant authorities.

Gift cards can be redeemed in grocery stores, malls and electronic stores or sold online with a growing number of platforms cropping online that offer as a marketplace for buyers and sellers.    

Gift card was unheard of in Nigeria some few years ago but the market has risen sharply in the past three years. It is common to see adverts placed on various social networks about buying or purchasing gift cards.

EBay, Walmart, Amazon, and iTunes gift cards are the most popular gift cards bought and sold by Nigerians. One of the reasons for the popularity of these specific gift card brands is due to their value in the gift card market as the brands use these cards as an incentive to customers to purchase more items.  

There are some local online gift card markets available but the most popular place where Nigerians buy and sell gift cards is Paxful.

How Paxful Lost Its Glory

Paxful was founded in 2015 and has emerged as a popular option since it does not have geographical restrictions for both buyers and sellers. This means that Nigerians can easily buy and sell gift cards on the site to other nationals across the world.

However, Paxful has been hit in the past few years with accusations about the number of scammers that invade the platform. There have been several reports about buyers that have been scammed several thousands of dollars in gift cards by randy sellers.

The lack of adequate security on Paxful makes it a haven for scammers with the company seemingly doing little to curb this menace. This has brought about distrust from many Nigerians about the website.

CoinCola is the Way Forward

Nigerians are seriously looking for a better alternative. The best option would be a platform with a track record of excellence that offers a streamlined and secure platform for gift market trading. CoinCola meets these requirements as it is regarded as one of the fastest growing trading platforms in the world.

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The Hong Kong-based platform has extended its services to Africa and serves as an alternative to Paxful.

Best Features of CoinCola

CoinCola has excellent features which make it a trusted platform as it streamlines the buying and selling process of gift cards. Its unique over-the-counter (OTC) algorithm enables ease of transactions within its platform.

Nigerians can easily pay for Gift Cards and receive payments with their MasterCard, Visa or Verve debit cards. While sellers can easily receive bitcoin and trade on its crypto exchange platform.  

Advantages of CoinCola

  • Ease of Use

CoinCola presents buyers and sellers of gift cards with the list of trusted sellers with ratings and prices shown within a neat and organized dashboard.

A seller can easily register with the platform and put up a rate and price for their gift cards within minutes.  In addition, there are several means of accepting payments and sellers can always request for Bitcoin which can be traded on the crypto exchange platform.

  • Security

CoinCola has an edge over Paxful and other gift card marketplace as it integrates state of the art security protocols on its website. There are little to no cases of scams on its platform as all transactions are done via a secure escrow system which protects both parties.

CoinCola is also KY Complaint which means that it is being regulated by government agencies in Hong Kong. This certificate literally means that your funds are secured on its platform as it has been certified by the appropriate regulatory agencies.

  • Low transaction fees

CoinCola has one of the lowest transaction fees available in the market which is remarkable considering its other features and efficiency.  For example, Paxful collects 1% commission for transactions on its platform while CoinCola receives only 0.7% transaction fees.

This makes it a suitable platform for gift card sellers to use as you are assured of greater profits over a long period of time without the fear of losing your funds.

Take Action Today

That CoinCola is a better alternative over Paxful should no longer be a surprise to you, having read this article. Nigerians have good value for money; therefore, they want to use a platform that’s secure, safe, affordable and easy to use. They simply want to use CoinCola.

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