Gionee A1 Lite Review, Specs and Price in Nigeria

Gionee A1 Lite

Gionee A1 Lite is the lowest in the Gionee’s A1 set of smartphones, that were released in 2017. Although it is the lowest priced, it is still a high-end smartphone.

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Gionee A1 phones are known for epic camera, and A1 Lite does not disappoint in this aspect. Apart from having remarkable cameras, the smart phone also has a powerful battery.

Gionee A1 Lite Review

Gionee A1 Lite was announced in the second quarter of 2017. Being more specific, the smart phone was announced in June 2017. The release of this smartphone came as a surprise, as the market was not expecting a new line of smartphones, from Gionee.

Not only was Gionee A1 Lite announced in June 2017, the standard A1 and A1 Plus were also announced. About two months after the announcement of the phone, it became available in the Nigeria phone market.

Gionee is primarily known to produce epic devices and Gionee A1 Lite comes with the support of all expected mobile networks technologies. The smartphone has support for networks that fall in the fourth generation.

Unlike some early 4G devices that have a problem working with 4G networks of some mobile operators in the country, Gionee A1 Lite works smoothly with the 4G network of all mobile operators in the country.

Gionee A1 Lite is not as large as 2018 high-end smartphones. In fact, this smart device is not as large as 2018 mid-range smartphones. While this phone is not as large as expected, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t cool.

Its failure to meet up to the standard of high-end smart phones, can be attributed to the fact that the smartphone was released in 2017. Giving a better idea of how large this smartphone, the smartphone measures 150.50 x 74.40 x 8.00 mm.

Since Gionee A1 Lite is significantly less than the 2018 standard, it can be guessed that the display is also less than the standard for high-end phones. This guess is very correct, as the smartphone comes with a 5.30 inches (13.46 cm) display.

Even though, the display size of this smartphone does not meet up to the expectation of high-end phones, its display resolution meets up to expectation. The display resolution of Gionee A1 Lite is 720 x 1280.

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The hardware in Gionee A1 Lite, are championed by a chipset produced by the Chinese MediaTek. The MediaTek chipset that champions this smartphone, is known as MediaTek MT6753.

This chipset is one of the most popular chipsets among high-end smartphones. The chipset is not a regular quad-core chipset, it is rather an octa-core chipset. The chipset of this phone is made up of 8 cores. Some cores of the chipset can operate at 1.30 GHz, while the others can operate at speeds higher than 1.30 GHz.

Gionee A1 Lite uses a large random access memory as its main memory. The capacity of the RAM meets up to the standard for high-end smartphones, the smartphone has 3 GB RAM.

A 3 GB RAM is adequate for over 90 percent of Android smart phone users. Only a very few Android smart phone will not find such a large RAM to be adequate for their operations. Unlike laptops, the RAM space of this smart phone can not be expanded.

The type of operating system smartphones run on, are becoming important every day. As Android 8.0 Oreo was released early this year, the majority of 2018 high-end phones, run Android 8.0 Oreo.

However, Gionee A1 Lite was released in 2017, when Oreo was still in development. As a result, the smart phone runs Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. In 2018, there is nothing bad in running Android 7.0 Nougat.

As expected of Gionee A1 Lite, the smart phone features a flash storage that has a capacity of 32 GB. This storage capacity is adequate for most Android smart phone users.

Such a large storage gives users of this smartphone the room to have a lot of media files on their smartphone. Gionee A1 Lite supports storage space expansion. More storage space can be provided to this smart phone, using a micro SD card.

Key Specs and Features

  • Display: 5.30 inches; high-definition (HD) in-plane switching (IPS) LCD; 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Storage: 32 GB, expandable up to 64 GB
  • RAM: 3 GB SD-RAM
  • OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Cameras: 20 MP front camera; 13 MP rear camera
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Chipset: MediaTek MT6753; octa-core; 1.30 GHz
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Yes



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One of the most impressive things about Gionee A1 Lite, is its cameras. This smartphone and the two other released with it, seem to be the Gionee series meant to compete with Tecno’s Camon series. The smartphones were designed for people who love selfies, as the front cameras of these phones are epic and superior to their rear camera.

Gionee A1 Lite comes with a 20 MP camera as its front camera. This camera is no doubt a very powerful one, and it also produces epic pictures, as expected. Only a very few smartphones have a front camera as powerful as this. Apart from being a very epic selfie camera, there are also loads of enhancements that support the camera.

Gionee A1 Lite has the same front cameras A1 and A1 Plus. However, the phone is different from A1 Plus, in rear camera. While Gionee A1 Plus has two cameras on its rear, A1 Lite has only one camera on its rear.

The phone comes with a 13 MP camera as its rear camera. Comparing with the rear cameras of other high-end phones in the market, a 13 MP camera is no doubt a cool rear camera for this kind of phone.


Gionee A1 Lite is not only a powerful smartphone but also a very nice smart device. The smart phone has a very nice appearance. The design of the smartphone is that of a typical high-end smartphone. It is not so surprising that the phone has such a nice appearance as the smartphone is the work of a great design team at Gionee. The phone furthermore has a remarkable sleekness, adding to its beauty.

Gionee A1 Lite has a nice appearance, but it is not as large as a typical 2018 high-end smartphone. The phone has a dimension of 150.50 x 74.40 x 8.00 mm. The length of the smartphone is 150.50 mm. The smart device is 74.40 mm wide, where 2.93 is its width in inches.

A1 Lite is not heavy, as many Gionee phones are known for. The phone has a weight of 161 grams (5.68 oz). In addition, the smart device is available in just two colours which are namely gold and black.


One of the most important things about smartphones is their chipset. No matter how cool the hardware of a smartphone are, a lot about the smartphone will be determined by the chipset of the phone.

Gionee A1 Lite comes with a very remarkable chipset. This chipset is a remarkable chipset that takes full advantage of the hardware of the smartphone. Gionee A1 Lite is championed by a chipset known as MediaTek MT6753. This chipset has been around for a while and it is very popular among high-end smartphones.

MediaTek MT6753 is an octa-core chipset. Putting in simpler terms, this chipset is made up of eight cores. Four of these eight chipsets are high-speed processors, while the other four cores have just standard processing speed. The speed of the average cores of Gionee A1 Lite, is 1.30 GHz.


These days graphics tasks have become so complex that processors of chipsets do not handle them efficiently. Owing to this inefficiency on the path of general-purpose processors, graphics processing tasks are handled by special types of chipsets. Chipsets that handle graphics processing tasks are known as graphics processing unit.

The graphics processing unit that handles the graphics processing tasks of Gionee A1 Lite is the Mali-T720 MP3 GPU. The GPU is not as common as some other graphics processing units. However, this GPU is one of the best available in the market. It is powerful and very power-efficient.


Since the early days of computing systems, random access memories (RAM) have been around. As computers need to access some memories randomly, it is important a memory that supports random access, is provided to the smartphone. However, memories that support random access, have never been easy to produce. In other words, computing systems do not feature massive RAMS.

The processors of the chipset that champion Gionee A1 Lite, operates with a 3 GB RAM. This makes the phone standard in the aspect of random access memory. With a 3 GB RAM, the phone will operate seamlessly, even for heavy app users. In addition, a RAM as large as this will also make it possible for this smartphone to run multiple heavy games, without any issue.


There is no doubt about the fact that phones need to store things. The operating system and apps of an Android smartphone are stored on the internal storage of the phone. Apart from the operating system and apps of smartphones, other items can be stored on the internal storage of smartphones. The internal flash storage of Gionee A1 Lite has a capacity of 32 GB.

It is not uncommon to see some Android smartphone users run out of storage space when using a phone with a 32 GB internal memory. However, the majority of Android smartphone users will find this storage space to be adequate. In the event a user of this smartphone finds their 32 GB storage to be inadequate, they can use a micro SD card to provide more storage space to the smartphone.

Just like every other Android smartphone, Gionee A1 Lite has a limit, as regards to the capacity of SD card that can be used in the smartphone. A micro SD card more than 64 GB in capacity should not be inserted into the smartphone, to avoid the device malfunctioning.

Gionee A1 Lite Full Specs and Features


  • Announcement Status: Announced
  • Announcement: June 2017
  • Release Status: Released
  • Release: August 2017


  • 2G: Yes, GSM (850/900/1800/1900)
  • 3G: Yes, HSDPA (850/900/1700/1900/2100)
  • 4G: Yes, LTE


  • Count: Dual SIM
  • Type: Nano SIM (Hybrid)


  • Dimension: 150.50 x 74.40 x 8.00 mm (5.93 x 2.93 x 0.31 inches)
  • Weight: 161 grams/5.68 oz
  • Thickness: 8.00 mm
  • Colours: Gold, Black
  • Case Type: N/A


  • Size: 5.30 inches
  • Type: high-definition (HD) in-plane switching (IPS) LCD
  • Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Pixel Density: 277 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3


  • Size: 3 GB
  • Type: SD-RAM


  • Manufacturer: MediaTek
  • Model: MT6753
  • Cores: 8 cores (octa-core)
  • Speed: 1.30 GHz


  • Type: Android
  • Version: 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Edition: N/A
  • Apps: Photo editor, video editor


  • Size: 32 GB
  • Expansion Support: Yes
  • Expansion Limit: 64 GB


  • Total: 2 cameras
  • Front Camera: 20 MP
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP
  • Front LED Flash: Yes
  • Rear LED Flash: Yes


  • Fingerprint Scanner: Yes
  • Position: Rear


  • GPU: Mali-T720 MP3
  • Speed: N/A


  • Wi-Fi (Mobile Hotspot)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS


  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Compass
  • Light Sensor


  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Capacity: 4000 mAh
  • Rapid-charge system: Yes

Gionee A1 Lite Price in Nigeria

Gionee A1 Lite price in Nigeria ranges from 65,000 Naira to 70,000 Naira and is available for purchase on Jumia, Konga, Slot and other e-commerce stores as well as retail stores across Nigeria.