Airtel Nigeria Data Plans 2018: Prices & Subscription Codes


Airtel is one of the largest and best mobile networks in Nigeria and it offers competitive data plans and bonuses compared to other networks like MTN and Etisalat, the data can be used on smartphones such as Android, Blackberry and iPhone, the data bundles can also be used to browse and download on PCs, Smart TVs and Tablets.

Airtel Data Plan Codes

Airtel has many different data plans tailored to different groups of individuals and needs. These plans include:

Airtel Data 100 Naira Data Plan

There are two data bundles offered for 100 Naira, they are:

25MB data bundle valid for 5 days at a rate of 5MB per day for 100 Naira, to subscribe dial *401#

Airtel offers 50MB of data valid for 24 hours for 100 Naira only, the code to subscribe is *410#

These plans are basically for doing important things online when you don’t have enough money to buy a big data plan or for testing the network to decide whether to buy a bigger data bundle or not.

Airtel Data 200 Naira Data Plan

Airtel’s 200MB plan costs 200 Naira and is valid for 3 days, the code is *412#

For 300 Naira, you can get 350MB data valid for 7 days, to subscribe, dial *417#

These plans are effective when you need to use data for just a few days for basic browsing, it is not suitable for Android smartphones and iPhones as they consume a lot of data very quickly, it is more suited to basic internet enabled phones except you want to use the data for a short time.

Airtel Data 500 Naira Data Plan

With 500 Naira, Airtel will give you 750MB data valid for 14 days, available 24/7, to subscribe dial *418#

This plan is good enough for average data users who do not use data-intensive apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, it can last the whole 14 days if you don’t use it too frequently.

Airtel 1000 Naira 1GB Data Plan

Airtel offers 1.5GB data for 1,000 Naira valid for 30 days, available 24/7, to subscribe dial *496#

This data bundle is optimum for light data smartphone users, it is suitable for browsing, downloading small files and average social media use, using it frequently will cause it to run out before 30 days.

Airtel Data Plan Unlimited

Currently, Airtel is the only Nigerian mobile network offering unlimited data plans, they include:

Unlimited 10: This plan offers unlimited data for just 10,000 Naira valid for 30 days, fair usage policy applies after 40GB. To subscribe, dial *462*10#

Unlimited 15: Airtel offers unlimited data for 15,000 Naira valid for 30 days with fair usage policy applying after 65GB.

Unlimited 20: This plan offers unlimited data with fair usage policy applying after 100GB for 20,000 Naira valid for 30 days, to subscribe, dial *462*20#.

Fair usage policy means that speed will be reduced to 250Kbps after the set data point is reached. Unlimited plans can be enjoyed using a Router or MiFi device.

Other Airtel Data Plans

For 2,000 Naira, you can get 3.5GB data valid for 30 days, to subscribe dial *437#

The 5GB data plan costs 2,500 Naira and is valid for 30 days, available at all times. To subscribe, dial *437*1#

To get 7GB data on Airtel, it will cost you 3,500 Naira and it is valid for 30 days, the subscription code is *438#.

9GB data costs 4,000 Naira and is also valid for 30 days, dial *438*1# to subscribe.

Airtel also offers a 250MB data plan for 300 Naira valid for 25 days, dial *885*1# to subscribe.

To get 3GB data for 1,500 valid for 30 days, dial *435#

For 200MB data with a longer validity period of 7 days at 525 Naira, dial *440*17#

Airtel offers bigger data plans such as:

Mega 5: This plan offers 10GB data at 5,000 Naira valid for 30days, to subscribe dial *452#

Mega 8: You can get 16GB data for 8,000 Naira valid for 30 days with this plan, dial *460# to subscribe.

Mega 36: This plan offers 50GB data for 36,000 Naira valid for 6 months, dial *406# to subscribe.

Mega 70: This offers 100GB data for 70,000 Naira valid for 365 days,dial *407# to subscribe.

Mega 136: This plan gives 200GB data for 120,000 Naira valid for 365 days, dial *408# to subscribe.

Airtel also offers special plans such as:

Airtel Whatsapp Plan: This plan allows users use only Whatsapp, it costs 200 Naira and is valid for 30 days, to subscribe, dial *990#

Opera Mini Plan: This plan allows browsing only on the Opera Mini browser, it costs 300 Naira and is valid for 30 days, to subscribe dial *885*1#

30 Minutes Unlimited: This gives unlimited browsing for just 30 minutes at 300 Naira, dial *439*3# to subscribe.

60 Minutes Unlimited: Gives unlimited browsing for 60 minutes at 500 Naira, to subscribe, dial *439*4#

Night Plan: Gives 3 hours unlimited data between 12am to 5:59am at 1,000 Naira, dial *481*2# to subscribe.

Weekend Plan 200: Gives 200MB for 200 Naira usable from 12am to 12pm on weekends only.

Weekend Plan 500: Gives 500MB data for 500 Naira usable between 12am to 12pm on weekends only.

To check your data balance on Airtel, dial *140#

The data plan you should buy should be based on your data needs, if you need to use data just once or twice for an urgent thing online, you can buy the 100, 200 an 300 Naira data plans. If you want data that can last for 2 weeks for browsing, average social media use and few downloads, buy the 500 Naira plan.

The 1,000 Naira and 2,000 Naira data plans are suitable if you want data that will last a whole month if you are an average data user but if you want to download large files, stream videos, use social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and others very often, you need to buy a 5GB upwards data plan for a month so that you don’t spend more buying two separate plans in one month.

For online gamers, small and medium business owners and people who use massive data, the unlimited plans and Mega plans are perfect.


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