Flights from Lagos to Abuja: Online Booking & How To Find Cheap Flights


Lagos to Abuja flights are the most popular local flights in Nigeria, this article compares the prices of cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja of all the airlines in Nigeria flying the route to help you know the cheapest flight, this post is updated weekly to give current prices.

The airlines which fly from Abuja to Lagos and from Lagos to Abuja are Arik Air, Aero Contractors airline, Dana Air, Medview Airline, Azman Air, First Nation Airline, Overland Airways and Air Peace. Most of the airlines offer cheaper flights when you book at least a week to your departure date, flight ticket prices are significantly higher if you book a day to or on the same day you want to travel.

These prices are for one way economy flights from Abuja to Lagos or from Lagos to Abuja. Prices of business class flight tickets are usually double or more of economy ticket prices.

Aero Contractors Airline: Aero has been known to offer cheap flights from Abuja to Lagos and other domestic air routes over the years, the airline’s current price for flight ticket from Abuja to Lagos is 18,500 Naira when booked one week to departure and goes up to 27,000 Naira if booked on the day of departure and there are flights every day of the week. You can book Aero flights online at

Air Peace: Air Peace is a relatively new airline which has been making waves in the few years of its existence, the airline is currently one of the best in Nigeria and also offers good deals on flights. The price of an Air Peace flight from Lagos to Abuja or vice versa is 22,000 Naira when booked at least a week to departure, 26,575 Naira when booked few days to departure and 39,500 Naira when booked on the day of departure due to the high number of people trying to book at the last hour. Air peace online flight booking website is

Arik Air: Arik airline is a long time player in Nigeria’s aviation industry flying to and from nearly all domestic airports in Nigeria. Arik Air also flies to several countries such as USA, Ghana, etc. Arik Air does not offer very cheap flights from Abuja to Lagos like other Nigerian airlines probably due to their huge customer base and their price is around 25,000 Naira, you can book for Arik Air flights online at or

Azman Air: Azman Air like Air Peace is a relatively new player in the Nigerian airline industry. The cost of an Azman Air flight from Abuja to Lagos is between 24,500 Naira and 26,500 Naira depending on the day. Azman Air online flight booking website is

Dana Air: They had a plane crash some years back which seriously affected their business but they have been working hard to win their customers back and one of their main strategies is offering cheap flights which are usually cheaper than what other airlines offer.  Dana has four different classes of economy flights and their prices are Economy Web – 15,300 Naira, Economy Discount – 21,600 Naira, Economy Saver – 25,200 Naira and Economy Flexible – 33,300 Naira. Dana Air online flight booking website is

First Nation Airline: First Nation flies from Lagos to Abuja at the rate of 23,000 Naira. First Nation Air online booking site is

Medview Air: Medview Airline’s cheapest airfare from Lagos to Abuja is 24,000 Naira. Medview Air’s online flight booking website is

Overland Air: Overland Air plane ticket from Lagos to Abuja is about 20,000 Naira. Overland Air online flight booking website is

From the comparison, it can be seen that Dana Air, Air Peace and Aero contractors offer the best prices for flights from Lagos to Abuja.

You can book for, reserve seats and schedule these flights online through the airline websites listed in the post and pay using MasterCard, VisaCard, Interswitch or bank payment. You can also book and pay at the various airline offices and stands at airports where they operate or by phone calls to their agents.



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