Human Looking Robots Showcased at 2016 World Robot Conference


    The 2016 World Robot Conference was held in Beijing earlier in the week and many awesome robots were showcased. But the crux of the event was the showcase of Humanoid Robots among which was one designed to look like an ancient Chinese scholar named Wang Yangming (1368 – 1644) with the capability to write calligraphy in a style similar to that of the scholar.

    Another popular robot was one looking like a Chinese lady. The female Chinese robot named JiaJia has the capability to read people’s facial expression, understand some human languages, make body movements and speak. There were also robots who can find lost credit cards, give information about finances, underwater robots, aerospace robots, anti-riot robots, domestic cleaning robots, entertainment robots, education robots and lots more.

    In the Youtube video above, JiaJia was asked by a participant “What kind of skills do you have” and she answered saying “I can talk with you, I can recognize faces. I can identify the gender and age of people standing in front of me, and I can detect your facial expressions.” JiaJia is a product of the University of Science and Technology of China.