How to solve “The modem or other device is already in use…”


Users of ZTE modems are no strangers to the dreadful message of “ The device is not properly configured or is currently in use” which seems not to want to go away even after doing several things such as restarting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the modem software, ending the task in task manager, etc.
This issue usually occurs when the modem is not disconnected before the computer is switched off, put to sleep or battery runs down. Once the message starts displaying, even if the computer is switched off and switched back on, it still displays the message and does not allow the user connect to the internet. I was plagued by this problem for a while but recently found a permanent solution to it, here it is.

  • Open Task Manager on your computer – You can do this either by pressing and holding the control, alt and delete keys all at once or by typing task manager in the windows search box.
  • Go to the Details Tab in Task manager
  • Select your UImain.exe for your modem software for example GLO NETPRO, MTN Fastlink, Airtel, etc
  • Click on End Task at the bottom of the page
  • Select AutoDect.exe on the same page
  • Click End Task
  • Restart your PC and you are good to go!

*Please note, there is an End Task button on the Processes page of task manager too but ending the task there will not solve the issue.