What type of printer to choose for home use?

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Nowadays we can find several different types of printers, the prices of each may be significantly different from another. Perhaps, that is why there are dozens of questions about how to choose the printer. Let’s find out what the differences between different types of printers are and how to decide which one will be the best for you!

Inkjet printer

Often, when buying a printer, we opt for an inkjet printer. Why? For several reasons:

– Firstly, it is much less expensive;

– Secondly, the inks for this type of printers are also cheaper, as compared to the toner for a laser printer, and one vial is enough for 20 or more refills;

– Thirdly, you can print a color image, which is able to significantly beautify the article or the paper and make it more respectable.

In most models (not every) there is an ability to install continuous ink supply system (CISS). In this case, the ink bottle is placed from the side (or rear) of the printer and is connected to the tube of the print-head directly. As a result, the cost of printing on such a device is one of the cheapest!  The ability to print photos on special paper is also one of the pros. The quality will be much higher than in a color laser printer.

But, with all these advantages, there are some disadvantages – inkjet printers are more capricious than the laser ones, and it is also necessary to take into account when choosing, they are much more often to be low on ink. For example, the black cartridge is enough for 200-250 pages, and sometimes less.


If you do not use it for a while – cartridges often get dried out and do not lend themselves to recharge, for this reason it is necessary to look after it. Wrong cartridge refilling technology and the type of approach “I do not know how, but I’ll try this way” often leads to the fact that after the refilling, the cartridge does not print, and sometimes even shows an “Error”.

The solution is simple – to print at least one-two pages per week!

Laser printer

Laser printer has its own pros and cons and the first con is that its operation and maintenance is much more expensive, but the pluses are that it is more reliable and less likely to get broken. It can print 1,500 pages without refueling, as compared to the inkjet, which is capable of 250 pages only.

With regard to inkjet printers, structurally they are of two types – with the print head on the cartridge itself (HP, the Lexmark, etc.), and the print head built into the printer (Canon, Epson, and others.). Which one is better? It is difficult to judge, as much depends on the pricing policy of manufacturers and retailers.


Canon, for example, seems to be working fine, it is simple to refill, and its cartridges are relatively cheap. But as soon as the print head wears out – you can throw it out. Why? Because the price for it is almost the same for a new printer and it will serve with an average load of 2 years.

The second type of printer is with ink cartridges and the built-in print heads. They have slightly different but related problems: the cost of two new original cartridges is almost equal to the price of the printer itself.


But for every laser printer, one cartridge refilling is enough for printing 1000-2000 papers  (average for the most popular printer models). As a rule, it works with less noise and vibration than inkjets. The cost of printed paper, on average, is cheaper than in inkjets (excluding CISS). You may not be afraid of the cartridges getting “dried”, as laser printers do not use the liquid paint like the inkjet printer, but a powder (called toner).

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