Innoson Cars Pictures and Price List


Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co.Ltd is a Nigerian automobile manufacturing company founded by Innocent Chukwuma. They have their manufacturing plant at Nnewi in Anambra state, Nigeria and manufacture sedans, SUV’s, small buses, luxury buses, trucks and ambulances. Innoson vehicles are becoming more popular daily as the Nigerian government and citizens have started patronizing the company. Below are the prices of Innoson cars as gotten from Innoson limited customer care.

*There are two prices written for each vehicle, the first price is the unit price given by Innoson while the second is the unit price plus the current Nigerian Value Added Tax rate of 5 percent which is subject to change at any time.

Image Credit: Innoson Motors Nigeria Limited

ivm 5000a

Innoson 15 Seater Bus (IVM 5000a):5,280,000 Naira, 5,544,000 Naira

ivm 6105Innoson 85 Passenger City Bus (IVM 6105g):24,200,000 Naira, 25,410,000 Nairaivm 6751

Innoson 60 Passenger City Bus (IVM 6751) 11,550,000 Naira, 12,127,500 Naira

ivm 6850

Innoson 43 Seater Bus (IVM 6850):24,200,000 Naira, 25,410,000 Naira

ivm 6800

Innoson 33 Seater Bus (IVM 6800):13,310,000 Naira, 13,975,500 Nairaivm 6730

Innoson 30 Seater Bus (IVM 6730):12,650,000 Naira, 13,282,500 Naira

ivm 6601

Innoson 23 Seater Bus (IVM 6601): 11,440,000 Naira, 12,012,000 Naira

ivm 6540

Innoson 17 Seater Bus (IVM 6540):7,150,000 Naira, 7,507,500 Naira

Innoson 18 Seater Hummer Bus (IVM 6540):8,030,000 Naira, 8,431,500 Naira

ivm 5000

Innoson 15 Seater Cargo Bus (IVM 5000b): 5,280,000 Naira, 5,544,000 Naira


Innoson SUV Jeep (IVM G5) Manual Transmission: 6,380,000 Naira, 6,699,000 Naira

Innoson G5 Jeep (IVM G5)Auto Transmission 6,820,000 Naira, 7,161,000 Naira

ivm carrier 4wd


Innoson Double Cabin Pick-Up (IVM Carrier 4WD):6,490,000 Naira, 6,814,500 Naira

ivm carrier

Innoson Double Cabin Pick-Up (IVM Carrier 2WD):6,050,000 Naira, 6,352,500 Naira

ivm umu

Innoson Umu Saloon (Ivm Umu) Manual Transmission:3,630,000 Naira, 3,811,500 Naira

Innoson Umu Saloon Car (IVM Umu) Automatic transmission: 3,960,000 Naira, 4,158,000 Naira

ivm fox

Innoson Fox Saloon (IVM Fox) Manual Transmission:3,520,000 Naira, 3,696,000 Naira

Innoson Fox Saloon Car (IVM Fox) Automatic Transmission: 3,850,000 Naira, 4,042,500 Naira

innoson g6

Innoson IVM G6 SUV Jeep: 7 million Naira

Innoson Ambulance Bus (IVM 5000c); 6,930,000 Naira, 7,276,500 Naira

Innoson 7 Seater Mini-Bus (IVM Uzo 4): 1,540,000 Naira, 1,617,000 Naira

Innoson 7 Seater Bus (IVM Uzo 3):1,540,000 Naira, 1,617,000 Naira

Innoson Mini Bus Single Cabin (IVM Uzo 5):1,540,000 Naira, 1,617,000 Naira

Innoson 7 Seater MPV Car (IVM Uzo 2):1,760,000 Naira, 1,848,000 Naira

Innoson Single Cabin Pick-Up (4WD): 6,930,000 Naira, 7,276,500 Naira

Innoson 5 Seater Double Cabin Pick-Up 4WD ( Mitsubishi Engine And Leather Seats): 6,930,000 Naira, 7,276,500 Naira

Innoson 5 Seater SUV Jeep(4WD)(IVM G-6): 6,600,000 Naira, 6,930,000 Naira

Innoson 26 Seater Bus (IVM 6660a) 11,880,000 Naira, 12,474,000 Naira

Innoson 8 Tonnes Swing Arm Truck(IVM 5003): 12,650,000 Naira, 13,282,500 Naira

Innoson 12 Tonnes Compactor Truck(IVM 5251): 19,800,000 Naira, 20,790,000 Naira

Innoson Road Sweeper (IVM 5100): 21,450,000 Naira, 22,522,500 Naira


*These prices took effect from 1st June, 2016.

You can check and buy Innoson vehicles at any of their car dealerships nationwide and you can contact them through the following channels:

Headquarters Office Address: No.2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwu-Uru -Uru, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State.

Phone(s):+234 (0) 8105472222, (0)7089440040,(0)7033326171

Lagos+234 (0)8035740097

Abuja+234 (0)8166126255

email: [email protected], [email protected]


  1. I am startled. So this cars are manufactured in my father land. Glory be to God. Nigeria is growing. Kudos to our Entrepreneur!

  2. You can’t beat the reach. More entrepreneur’s are still emerging from our great country Nigeria.

  3. Good evening
    I’m Abdul Raheem Jalloh from Guinea Conakry, I want to do a business with in Guinea Conakry, but can you give me your procedures to be in business with you

  4. Please let the advertisement be circulate u can advertise on nta and channels TV so that people we stop buy fairly used cars from others country when we have our made in Nigeria.

  5. Comment:I’m happy for this IVM.
    May God bless him and his company.
    My people, open your eyes to see the glory of God in our land. Our patronage and support are mostly needed.

  6. Am so so impressed that a fellow brother here in this country produces beautiful vehicles like this.
    Move on bro, we’re with u.

  7. Comment: Thank God for Innoson, with Innoson, we will compete in the international Market. I will love to be an agent as well as A dealer on this product. Please do well to brief me more on this issue. God Bless Nigeria, God Bless Innoson Group of Companies

  8. I think we need more publicity so a lot of people will be aware of his product and he needs to state each of his cars specification down to the engine and may be the technology he is adopting to achieve better fuel efficiency at high output.
    It will also be necessary to collaborate with more banks and other big firm that have car loan facility so their staff will fully benefit from it ,i feel if this is done more people will get to know about their product since the govt. have not done so much on supporting this product.

  9. Comment:that is great my brother INNO na wisdom god give you, me am writing from cape Town South Africa, will peronise you.

  10. I really love this news,Innoson God bless you for making Nigeria proud and the Federal government must do everything possible to support Innoson and other companies that have proudly showcased their abilities to place Nigeria on the global maps of manufacturing nations and if a favourable government policies are sustained Innoson will surely make the whole continent of Africa so proud …#Nigeriafirst #BuyNigeria

  11. Really wanted to see the testimony of someone who had bought one of these vehicles and is currently using it. Reviews would go a long way in boosting sales and popularity. Heard about Innoson motors for the first time on CNN, it was a pleasant surprise and it made me really proud to be a Nigerian at that moment. A review on the show ‘Top gear’ would not be bad… Seen an episode on some Chinese brands.
    Our government can also ensure that the vehicles they purchase for whatever reason(official cars, public transport) from now one are Innoson vehicles. Take an instance, the buses and taxis in the England are all made in the UK.
    And I think if all the components needed to make these vehicles are manufactured in Nigeria, these prices would come down a bit…
    Just my little ‘two kobo’. Lol.
    Kudos to Innoson group!

  12. I thank God after all the frustration terrorism the nation is still moving forward Nigeria is greater than the world thinks it is a moving train, an un-sinking rock indeed i was astonished when i saw on our local tv here in the republic of Mali that the senate passed the bill of order for 40 pieces of Innoson cars, it was really a great pleasure watching to see that; and i think its a great start, i hope other Africa countries will do same to promote the made in Africa product, i cant wait to get one myself it looks cool and smart KIA AND HYNNDAI started this way and last year Hyundai became the highest purchased cars, i hope we all patronize Innoson for the world to see and also love to get involve.

  13. Comment:May God bless innocent motors keep it up am very happy for being from my country Nigeria, But my bordering is why our govmnt refuse to use Nigerian made as official car to confirm how the product is so that all Nigerian can patronise it for example KIA and HYUNDAI when they came to this country gradually people are buying it when they see it in some govmnt offices,pls mr innocent do more publicity on it .God bless innocent motors God bless Nigeria.

  14. I have seem much of IVM Busses and SUVs on Nigerian roads, they are very good. Interstate transporter use use IVM buses a lot.

    To know if IVM cars, buses and USVs are affordable, compare prices with cars, buses and USV from other countries, you would know that God has blessed this country with IVM. 26 Seater IVM Bus is about 12million, while Toyota 26 Seater Bus is 60million or above.

  15. IVM all the way…Let’s patronise our own…Let’s keep Made in Nigerian products aflame and see our economy grow. I see a man who believes in the Nigerian economy. More grease to your elbow Sir.
    I don’t see me driving in any foreign car let alone secondhand

  16. My first car i believe, will be from IVM. I live in the north and so for, i have only seen one ivm motor here in the north. Why not create a branch for the north. I believe it will sell will and i can be employed as a distributor. I love anything nigerian or african. Some times i say to myself, what if all these military hilux was from our very own? The government only preach patronize nigerian product but do nothing at all to encaurage that. For me, my every car should be ivm whether the product is good or bad bcos Nigeria will not grow untill we believe in ourselves. God bless ivm.

  17. Comment: Well This Is a Wellcome Development But I Think The Fg Shld Help Matters By Making Them Tax Free And Also Removing Value Added Tax Off Their Product At Least Till For Some Time.

  18. I think this company need to do more publicity. A lot of people does not know about this development . Spend more on advertising. You have to persuade people that your product is good.

  19. Awesome achievement for Nigeria. Though our government aren’t doing much to promote this and due to their tribalistic mindset. But note that “we” are the government, I believe no one will stop anybody from patronising IVM; we just need to believe in our own. God bless Nigeria.

  20. ..Think buy and grow Nigeria… IVM needs a tax holiday from the FGN to grow better and the prices will be even more affordable to the masses. We need policies that will help IVM expand while stabilizing in the other rigions of the country. This will also encourage healthy competision from new and Local entries into the sector. The multipier effect will be explosive in job creation directly and indirectly. It will improve quality and competitive pricing. More of this in different sectors such as tomatoe paste manufacturing, Rice production and we are on the way to self relience. Infact all state governments and federal agencies need to subscribe to this product even if the existing once are better, They surely will improve. IVM BRAND SHOULD BE EVERY NIGERIANS NEXT VEHICLE! I AM PROUD.

  21. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a young Pan Africanist and an ECOWAS citizen born in Sierra Leone currently living in the UK.
    Having gone through your new vehicles which are so nice and appropriate for our African continent, I am actually proud of your loadable initiatives which I join all others in thanking your management for this breakthrough in the African continent in liberating us from these White dominations in the world including our very African continent where all our products are now becoming Whiteman made and not African made.

    as a Social Entrepreneur, my suggestion is for your company to host a trade fare maybe early next year in Nigeria where all African heads of states and others will be invited to physically see and where possible test these vehicles as many of them might currently not be aware of their availabilities within our African continent.
    By this, I am of the strongest conviction that many of them will surely support our African business and products especially when these vehicles are specifically made in line with our African road networks.

    NGOs also operating within the African continent should be invited to such trade fare since some of the vehicles are very appropriate for their works within the African continent. In fact, I have just showed the products to one of my Nigerian colleague who runs a small project in Liberia from the UK and has asked me to find out the costs for the Pick UP which I have just finished checking on your website.
    However, the prices are only stated in Nigerian currency and is it possible to state the equivalence in £and $ so that someone reading your site without understanding of the Nigerian currency will also be able to understand the real costs of your vehicles as ways of reaching more customers globally.
    Thanks once more and some of us will personally join in advertising your vehicles to others globally especially now that am preparing to return to my country Sierra Leone to support the victory of our opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) for the March 7 2018 Parliamentary and Presidential elections.

    Sincerely Yours

    Sahr Yillia
    Social Entrepreneur, Director and International Motivational speaker
    Community Enterprise Solutions (CESS Africa)

  22. Je suis fière de vous et de chèque vous apporté à l’Afrique.Ma première voiture sera made in Africa cela me réjouit d’avance…

  23. I sincerely appreciate the good people of Africa who are intellectual in terms of thinking the way forward to the good living of the Africa citizens like the chairman of IVM motor manufacturing company who could find a solution to one of the problem facing Africa at large in terms of import motor to this land.l pray this company will not foldup and to all Africans let appreciate what God has given us by patronising them and to the management try and have branches across Nigeria and Africa at large to make it easy for who so ever want the product. I have see the company motor severally but on roadsafety corp.