Kara.com.ng Online Shopping Website Overview


Kara.com.ng is one of the leading online ecommerce stores in Nigeria dealing majorly on electronics and home appliances. They offer great deals on furniture, mobile phones, computers, generators, printers, electronics, refrigerators and other home appliances from top brands worldwide such as Samsung, Thermocool, Sukam, Luminous, Sharp, Logitech, Mercury, Sumec Firman, Apple, HP, Lenovo, LG, BlackBerry, Nokia, Haier, Perkins and more.

Kara Nigeria is the best place online in Nigeria to get your generators and inverters, they are one of the only online stores who sell industrial grade generators such as Mikano industrial-grade diesel generators of up to 1500 KVA rating.

Kara.com.ng offers high quality products at unbeatable prices and special discounts of up to 10% are usually given to customers who place large orders. They also have promos where they offer price slashes for goods especially during clearance sales.

Shopping on Kara is just like any other ecommerce website, you simply register by opening an account with them and start searching for what you want, once you find something you want, you add it to your cart and pay for it and it will be delivered to you within 2 to 5 days or on the same day if you stay in Lagos.  Kara payment options include online payment via credit/debit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery option (In Lagos). Orders above 100,000 Naira attract free shipping.
You can also earn money by joining the Kara Affiliate program to promote their products on your website and/or social media platforms. They also have a seller program called the Kara Merchant program which allows anyone sell their products and services to Kara customers. You can reach out to Kara via their email: [email protected]