What are classifieds shopping websites? What Are their Advantages?

jiji classifieds

Classifieds can be defined as one of the shopping services and they are very common nowadays in the web space. Though classifieds used to be a thing of printed media (newspapers dedicated completely to ads still exist), the Internet provides much more opportunities for their development and users’ convenience.

If you don’t completely understand what the peculiarities of classifieds are and what they do, open Jiji.ng. It is the biggest classifieds website in Nigeria and the greatest example for demonstration. It is a kind of a market, where people can sell their goods and offer different services. But unlike market, here you don’t have to pay for using a shopping spot or a market stall. You create your own stalls by posting adverts, which is available for free.

Speaking about ads, they provide a complete description of a particular item, including information about specifications and photos. You don’t have to pay for every line of text here like in newspapers and potential buyers gets all necessary information about things they are interested in. Any other commissions are absent, too. This brings us several other disadvantages – low prices, for example. Things are sold at Jiji cheaper than in any other web or regular store. In addition to this, a lot of prices are negotiable, and you can bargain.

Among the other advantages are convenience, which means that your laptop or Smartphone is the only thing you really need for shopping, and safety ensured by Jiji’s newest security systems. These are the main advantages you should be aware about; there rest is will be your own discoveries.

Jiji is the No. 1 classifieds service in Nigeria and this fact is evidenced by a number of users and advertisements. The amount of active offers is equal to over 520,000 ads, and every month brings here more than 10 million visitors. You can become one of them and experience all advantages yourself.