Swift 4G LTE Data Bundles and Prices

Swift 4G Nigeria

Swift Communications Nigeria Limited is a top Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nigeria and is one of the companies offering 4G LTE broadband internet connectivity in some areas in Nigeria. Other companies in Nigeria which offer high speed 4G and/or fibre optic internet are Cobranet, IPNX, Smile 4G and Spectranet.

To know if your location has swift network , simply visit their website and search for: Your street, area and  state e.g Obalende, Lagos Island, Lagos and click on any landmark e.g. (Tafawa Balewa Square) close to your location to see if their service is available in your area.

See Swift retail outlets  and service centers in Lagos. You can also find swift dealers here

Swift also has a number of online retail stores on popular shopping platforms some of which are on Jumia, Konga, Kaymu, Parktelonline and Dealdey.

Swift provides some special incentives to their customers such as:

  • Interest Free Data Loan which enables you borrow more data if you happen to exhaust your data before its expiration and then pay for the borrowed data when next you subscribe without any extra charge.
  • Unlimited speed to enable you surf the web and download at extremely fast rates.
  • Data Roll Over
  • Multi-user/ multi-device connection
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Swift Data Bundles, Prices and Validity periods are listed in the table below and all have speeds of 2 Mbps.


Data Plan Data Allowance Price Validity
SWIFT Budget




500 Naira


7 days
SWIFT Budget plus




2,000 Naira


30 days
SWIFT Economy 3GB  4,000 Naira


30 days
SWIFT Essential 14GB 7,000 Naira 30 days
SWIFT Club 20GB 10,000 Naira


30 days
SWIFT Family Plus




8,000 Naira 30 days

5PM – 9AM, Monday – Friday; 24 hours on weekends & public holidays

SWIFT Premium





15,000 Naira 30 days





20,000 Naira


30 days
SWIFT Elite Plus




25,000 Naira


30 days


Swift has 4G LTE devices which you can use to connect multiple devices and enjoy fast internet connection. They are:

Swift Nomad: Plug and play device which can connect up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices at once and has a rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours capacity.

Swift 4G LTE multiple user communication hub: Is capable of connecting an unlimited number of wi-fi enabled devices and has a rechargeable external power bank which can provide up to 2 hours service when there is no mains power.

Swift offers a number of internet data plans, internet telephony, video conferencing and video surveillance solutions for corporate organizations.  Swift just like ipnx and cobranet offers Fiber to the Home and Business technology services which provides superfast internet connection and download speeds.

Customers can pay for their data subscription online by simply logging into their account on the Swift website  and  follow the payment instructions. You can pay through Interswitch using your internet banking enabled ATM card, you can pay through Pay Arena , Paga or Etranzact as well.

You can also pay at any physical ATM machine by slotting in your ATM card, select quickteller, select pay bills, select others, enter code 202101 for SWIFT, enter your Swift subscriber ID, enter amount you want to pay, accept 100 Naira charge and your payment will be processed. A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number which you used to register with Swift Network.

For enquiries, complaints and suggestions you can contact Swift Networks through these numbers: 01-7100076,08077265615 or e-mail [email protected]

Swift Modems cost 18,000 Naira only.



  1. I was just thinking how Swift is going to survive. I have been using Glo 4G LTE since they launched and have dropped my Swift dongle, I am sure this is the same story for some other users.

    One would expect Swift to cut down price of their data, I am not sure of their fiscal forecast, but it looks like we won’t be seeing many stand-alone 4G LTE providers soon.