SMILE 4G LTE Data Bundles, Prices and Validity

smile 4G nigeria

Smile Communications Nigeria Limited is a leading provider of 4G LTE mobile broadband in Nigeria and other African countries. Similar to other Nigerian internet service providers such as ipNX, Spectranet, Swift and Cobranet, they offer both broadband internet and voice services to their customers. in several countries in Africa.

Smile Nigeria has network connectivity in areas in Kaduna, Abuja, Benin city, Ibadan, Lagos, Onitsha, Asaba and Port Harcourt

Smile has a number of internet plans tailored for every class of individuals and corporate organizations

Data Plan Speed Data Allowance Validity Price
Unlimited Max Unlimited 1 month 19,800 Naira
Anytime Max 200 GB 12 months 135,000 Naira
Anytime Max 100 GB 12 months 70,000 Naira
Anytime Max 50 GB 12 months 36,000 Naira
Anytime Max 20 GB 12 months 17,000 Naira
Anytime Max 10 GB 12 months 9,000 Naira
Anytime Max 5 GB 30 days 5,500 Naira
Anytime Max 3 GB 30 days 4,000 Naira
SmileLite 2 Mbps 1 GB 30 days 1,500 Naira
Night and Weekend Max 20 GB 30 days 14,000 Naira
Night and Weekend Max 10 GB 30 days 7,500 Naira
Night and Weekend Max 5 GB 30 days 4,000 Naira
MidNite (midnight to 6am data) Max 50 GB 30 days 12,000 Naira
MidNite (midnight to 6am data) Max 20 GB 30 days 6,000 Naira



Smile has a range of modems with different capabalities some of which are:

SMIFI: This costs 5,000 Naira only when bought together with an unlimited data bundle which costs 19,800 Naira making the total cost 24,800 Naira or with a 5 GB Anytime data + 10 GB Night and Weekend data for 30 days at a total cost of 12,500 Naira.

Smile Wireless (wi-fi) Router: Its price is 23,000 Naira and comes with 10 GB free anytime data and can connect up to 32 devices simultaneously.

SmileVoice: This is Smile’s internet telephone service which enables you to call any number in the world with a VoLTE (Voice over LTE) phone and your Smile SIM card. You can also download the SmileVoice app, the calls are charged by deducting from your data allowance with an equating rate of 8.79 kobo per second. For example if you make a 5 minute call on the 10 GB for 9,000 naira anytime plan, you will be charged about 30 MB from your data bundle, see the calculation below:

10 GB for 9000 Naira means 10,000 MB for 9000 Naira or 900,000 Kobo

Therefore 1 MB costs 9,000/10,000 MB which is 0.9 Naira or 90 kobo per MB

Since the effective call rate is 8.79 Kobo per second,, a 5 minute call will cost 8.79 x 5 minutes x 60 seconds = 2,637 Kobo/26.37 Naira for 5 minutes so to get the amount of megabytes you are expending we simply divide 2,637 Kobo by the 90 kobo per MB rate which will give us 29.3 MB, QED. Hope I didn’t confuse you.

Sadly, SmileUnlimited, SmileON and MidNite bundles cannot be used to make SmileVoice calls.

The International call rates for each country differ and you can find it on the Smile Website.