Aero Contractors Airline Online Booking, Discounts, Payment and Schedules

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Aero contractors is one of the best airlines in Nigeria, their service quality, flight prices and flight delay times are far better than most airlines in the country. Aero has a nice online platform where you can book and pay for flights or reschedule flights, you can also check-in for your flight online. The airline suspended operations in August 2016 due to some issues facing the company but it resumed operations in December 2016 and is currently active.

In addition, if you book online two weeks or more before your flight date, you get cheap flights with prices far lower than if you book and pay on the same day or few days to your departure date. For example if you want to fly from Lagos to Abuja and you book two weeks for more before time you pay 14,500 for a one way trip but if you book the flight at the airport the day of the flight, you pay 16,000 naira or more depending on seat availability, there are times Aero has flights which go for as low as 10,000 Naira provided you book early.

The flight fares can be paid in Naira, Ghanaian Cedi and US Dollars using any bank’s internet banking enabled Mastercard, Visacard, Interswitch, eTranzact, etc. For those who do not have any of these cards, you can simply book your flight online and pay at a bank or Aero contractors airline office anywhere in Nigeria. You have to pay within 24 hours or your booking will expire.

Online booking of flights is the best way of flight booking as it helps you save valuable time and money. The Aero online flight booking website, supports flight booking, seat reservation, flight rescheduling, electronic payment and ticket printing, viewing your flight schedule, online check in, messages from the airline such as new flight times, etc.
Aero contractors flies to and from the following destinations in Nigeria

Abuja to Lagos, Port harcourt, Sokoto

Asaba to Lagos

Benin city to Lagos

Calabar to Lagos

Enugu to Lagos

Kaduna to Lagos

Kano to Lagos

Lagos to Abuja, Asaba, Benin, Calabar, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Owerri, Portharcourt,  Sokoto and Uyo

Owerri to Lagos

Port harcourt to Lagos, Abuja

Sokoto to Abuja, Lagos

Uyo to Lagos

Warri to Lagos

Aero contractors airline also flies internationally from Lagos to Accra and Accra to Lagos.

Visit the Aero contractors website for more details on online flight booking, flight timetable and prices, Read their online air ticket booking guide and contact them via their email [email protected] or call 01-6284140 available from 6am to 9pm  daily.

For domestic flights, you should check in at least two hours to departure as the Aero contractors check in desk will close forty minutes before departure. If your luggage is just a small bag you can hold easily, you can simply check in online.

If your card is debited i.e. if money is removed from your account but your booking still states that you have not made payment, don’t panic , simply wait for the money to be reversed by your bank or call the fly aero help desk on call +234-01-6284140 or send an email to their help desk, [email protected]. You will get your refund immediately they process your complaint which doesn’t take long.

You can also ask questions, give suggestions and lay your complaints via Fly Aero social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Other airlines which offer similar online booking services in Nigeria are Dana Air, Air Peace and Arik Air.


  1. I booked and paid for lagos to Abuja but the person we are going to visit is coming into lagos 2mr. How will I collect our money and at what discount. I paid for my mom and I.

    • Unfortunately, the tickets are non-refundable, you can however reschedule your flights to another time, call the Aero customer care or go to Any Aero office to do that.

  2. Comment:hi,how much is d flight from abuja to lagos,on one way.just want to have an idea on how much they charge

  3. Good evening
    Please do you fly Cameroun route?
    If yes,‎ what days and how much?
    From Abuja route please
    Ogbonnaya Bartholomew