Facebook plans to put ads in its Messenger app


Well, they have to make money somehow, big websites cost a lot to maintain. Facebook is planning on some big changes in Messenger majorly in the aspect of making money through the app. There are lots of rumours which suggest that Messenger will start serving ads this year.

Top tech website, TechCrunch shared information from some leaked documents which show these changes , according to the documents Facebook will allow ads in Messenger from the second quarter of 2016. This move is not surprising as Facebook is looking for ways to increase its revenue and make its investors happier.

However, there may be limitations to the ads to reduce abuse. In the leaked document, it reads that businesses will have to have started a conversation with the customer first before their ads can be served to the customer within the conversation and it will be completely optional for users to accept the conversations from businesses.

Other changes to Facebook Messenger include:

  • Users will be able to assign colors and nicknames to their chat threads which will create a more personalized experience for users, it is however available on the messenger mobile app.
  • Users will now be able to log in with multiple accounts making it easy for them to have separate accounts such as personal and business online at the same time, there will be a simple switch button to move between accounts.
  • There will also be an SMS option which was available before and which enables users send text messages from the app to people’s phones.