How to make money teaching online


There are several platforms online where you can use your teaching skills to make cool cash. I will focus on one of the most popular platforms which is Udemy because they are all very similar.

UDEMY ONLINE TEACHING is an online platform for teaching and learning which gives room for professionals in any field to create courses and offer to the public either for free or at a price.  Udemy provides the tools to enable users create courses, promote them and earn money from people interested in them.

The courses are mainly taken by people to improve their job related skills and some give training towards some certifications.  There are over 9 million students on Udemy and it currently offers over 35,000 courses.

Udemy allows you create online courses of your choice using their course development tools. You can upload videos, pdfs, audio files, zip files, powerpoint presentations and even have live classes. There are also forums for instructors and users to interact and share ideas and views.

There are several categories of courses on Udemy including technology, business and entrepreneurship,music, academics, the arts, health and fitness, language and much more. There is also ‘Udemy for Business’ which allows businesses access training courses targeted at them with topics ranging from digital marketing to management, design, programming, and many more.

Udemy’s courses are priced from $29 – $99 which makes it a very good means of making money online provided you have what users want.Udemy charges 3% of your earnings if you marketed your product yourself while it charges 50% of your earnings if they the earning was gotten from Udemy’s marketing and charges 75% if a Udemy affiliate attracts the student to your course.  According to Udemy, 96% of their instructors make sales averaging $7000.  Udemy has Android and iOS apps available on their respective stores. There are other similar platforms such as Coursera, etc.