How to make money on your blog through affiliate marketing programs


This is part 2 of‘s “How to Make Money Online” series.

Affiliate marketing is a very good way to make money online, it entails advertising an affiliated company’s product and when a viewer clicks on it and buys a product from the affiliate company, you are given a certain percentage of the money from the sale usually between 3 to 10 percent of the price of the good bought by your viewer. There are many international affiliate programs and a few local ones some of which are:

  1. Amazon Associates: This is the most popular internationally recognised affiliate program in the world and is open to people from many countries including Nigeria. Register at
  2. AliExpress Affiliate: This is the affiliate program of possibly the world’s largest ecommerce website; there are different advertisement banners in various sizes for you to choose from. Register at
  1. eBay Affiliate: The renowned ecommerce site also has a good affiliate program. Register at
  2. Jumia Affiliate: This is one of our own local affiliate program run by Jumia, the same thing applies to it, you simply register and then when you are accepted, you can choose from a variety of banners to place on your site and earn commissions each time a sale is made through your site. Register at
  3. Konga Affiliate: Konga too has a similar program, you simply register and start advertising their products. Register at
  1. DealDey Affiliate: DealDey also offers a similar service, register at

Tips to earn more with affiliate programs

  • Do not use more than two affiliate programs on your blog to avoid user dissatisfaction.
  • As a Nigerian blogger, I advise you to use local affiliate programs e.g. Konga, Jumia because your audience will mostly be Nigerian and those are the shopping sites they visit most.


  1. Those are a great 10 ways to make money online. I myself am a product reviewer and affiliate marketer. Although I have tried different niches, I am focusing more now on the make money online niche. I find this the most interesting.