Google introduces YouTube Gaming Service


Google is planning to introduce a new website and application for users called YouTube Gaming and most experts are of the opinion that it is Google’s answer live-streaming gaming service ‘Twitch’. The inspiration for the service is supposedly gotten from the success of game walkthrough videos on Youtube.

YouTube Gaming’s twitter account tweeted “We’re connecting you to the games, community and culture that matter to you – by gamers, for gamers.” Users will be able to hang out with their favorite YouTube Creators on the new Live system and you’ll be notified when a live stream is beginning once you’ve subscribed to a channel, so you don’t miss anything.

Google’s blog wrote that the service is exclusively for games which means if you search for anything unrelated to games, you probably won’t get any result. The service will be launched this Summer, starting in the UK and the US, and will have a booth at E3 next week showcasing some of its new features.