Prices of New Cars in Nigeria

Brand New Cras Prices Nigeria

This list provides the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) for popular brand new/tear leather cars in Nigeria. The prices apply to the 2016, 2017 and 2018 model years of the cars listed.

There are also articles on the prices of cars in Cotonou/Tokunbo cars and prices of used cars in Nigeria.

*All prices are in Nigerian Naira.

4runner: N20 million – N23 million
Avalon: N19 million – N21 million
Camry: N15 million – N19 million
Corolla: N13 million – N15 million
FJ Cruiser: N18 million – N19 million
Highlander Jeep: N20 million – N24 million
Land Cruiser/ Prado Jeep: N35 million – N45 million
Matrix; N14 million – N18 million
Prius: N19 million – N22 million
RAV 4: N18 million – N24 million
Sequoia: N20 million – N25 million
Sienna: N17 million – N20 million
Tacoma: N18 million – N21 million
Tundra: N23 million – N27 million
Venza: N19 million – N22 million
Yaris: N12 million – N14 million
Accord: N14 million – N18 million
Civic: N12 million – N16 million
CR-V: N19 million – N20 million
CR-Z:  N15 million – N17 million
Crosstour: N22 million – N25 million
Odyssey: N18 million – N22 million
Pilot: N19 million – N21 million
C Class: N24 million – N30 million
CL Class: N50 million – N70 million
CLA Class: N21 million – N25 million
CLS Class: N40 million – N50 million
E Class: N30 million – N50 million
G Class (Mercedes G Wagon): N60 million – N90 million
GL Class: N39 million – N55 million
M Class: N40 million – N48 million
S Class: N75 million – N100 million
SLK Class: N30 million – N36 million
SLS AMG: N105 million – N120 million
Golf: N12 million – N15 million
Jetta: N13 million – N17 million
Passat: N14 million – N18 million
Passat CC: N17 million – N20 million
New Beetle: N15 million – N18 million
Tiguan: N16 million – N21 million
Touareg: N20 million – N25 million
Altima: N16 million – N20 million
Armada/ Infiniti QX56: N23 million – N27 million
Maxima: N16 million – N18 million
Murano: N15 million – N20 million
Pathfinder/Infiniti QX4: N18 million – N21 million
Quest: N15 million – N19 million
Xterra: N14 million – N18 million
3 Series: N21 million – N24 million
4 Series: N22 million – N24 million
5 Series: N27 million – N33 million
5 Series Gran Turismo: N34 million – N39 million
6 Series: N42 million – N50 million
7 Series: N51 million – N60 million
X3: N22 million – N27 million
X5: N30 million – N34 million
X6: N31 million – N35 million
Mustang: N16 million – N20 million
Focus: N13 million – N19 million
Fusion: N16 million – N18 million
Edge:  N18 million – N24 million
Escape: N16 million – N20 million
Explorer: N20 million – N24 million
LR4: N30 million – N35 million
Range Rover: N70 million – N100 million
Range Rover Sport: N60 million – N75 million
Range Rover Evoque: N31 million – N36 million
CX-5: N15 million – N19 million
CX-9: N19 million – N22 million
Lancer: N15 million – N19 million
Outlander: N21 million – N24 million
Pajero:  N27 million – N30 million
307: N7.5 million
307 Sedan:  N9 million
Partner: N8 million
G9 Expert: N15 million
406: N10 million
407 Saloon: N15 million
407 Station Wagon: N16 million
407 Coupe: N25 million
607: N20 million
MDX: N22 million – N25 million
RDX: N19 million – N21 million
TL: N18 million – N24 million
ZDX: N33 million
Cadenza: N15 million
Cerato: N10 million – N16 million
Rio: N6 million – N7.5 million
Soul: N7 million – N9 million
Sportage: N9 million – N12 million
Sorento: N12 million – N18 million
Elantra: N8 million – N10 million
Genesis: N15 million – N20 million
Santa-Fe: N12 million – N15 million
Tucson: N10 million – N13 million
Sonata: N9 million – N12 million


Lexus RX: N21 million – N24 million
Lexus GX: N28 million – N35 million
Lexus LX: N48 million
Infiniti QX70: N24 million – N30 million
QX50: N20 million – N24 million
A4: N20 million – N23 million
A5: N21 million – N25 million
A6: N24 million – N30 million
A7: N33 million – N35 million
Continental GT: N80 million – N100 million
Continental Supersports: N140 million
Continental Flying Spur: N90 million – N105 million
Mulsanne: N150 million


  1. Your prices are competitive. Are the prices current ? Also, do you have any arrangement for buying used cars so that we can negotiate and sell the old ones and add money to buy a new one.

  2. Good job, Bro.
    The price of your BMW x3 is relatively cheap. Got mine at a higher price. Model is 2016.
    My wife is in love with 2017 model of Hyundai Sonata. The car is sexy any way. Making plans to get her the toy before the ember month.