How to Make Money with YouTube

 A lot of people’s eyes have opened to the opportunities for making legitimate money online through ways such as blogging, affiliate marketing and e-book selling among others. However a lot are unaware of the lucrative YouTube Partner program.
YouTube is the largest video upload and streaming website in the world and is owned by Alphatet Inc.
The YouTube partner program is like the Google Adsense program, Users of YouTube can upload original videos on the site and as people view the video, adverts pop-up either at the beginning of the video or in the middle, once a user watches the advert for a specified period of time, the owner of the video is paid.
This method is called Pay per View (PPV) unlike in Adsense where it is based on advert clicks and as such called Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. The program has been in existence for some years and you too can make good money uploading videos by following the steps outlined below.

·         Start uploading videos – Upload original videos (videos which are exclusively yours), without any copyrighted material because Google’s policies do not permit that so don’t use other artistes’ songs, soundtracks, photos etc. Let everything be your idea.   

·         When uploading the videos, a textbox for keywords will be provided, make sure you input as many relevant keywords which will help people locate your video when they use the search feature e.g. if you are uploading a video about fashion, it should have keywords like Fashion, Fashion design, Dressing etc.

·         Promote your videos in order to have views i.e. through word of mouth, social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.,  by using the link on the address bar when your video is open.

·         With time you’ll begin to have subscribers to your YouTube channel.

·         When you have begun getting a good number of views, then you can monetize your videos.

·         Monetization is simple; Simply visit the monetization tab in your account settings tab i.e. the Gear Icon at the top right hand corner of your YouTube page

·         Then click Enable My Account. Do all you’re asked and accept the YouTube Monetization agreement.

·         Even though anyone can apply for the program, it is best to have at least 500 subscribers, upload good content regularly, have viral videos and a decent sized audience. Also eliminate copyrighted material on your channel and in your videos as YouTube wouldn’t want to get sued.

Other useful tips are on the type of videos you can upload to get many views include cartoons, animations, your personal music video, day to day exciting experiences and lots more. Happy money making, cheers.