Best Courses to Study in Nigeria 2023

Courses in every discipline have value because of the unique contributions they provide to the advancement of humanity. Nonetheless, certain courses are more vital than others. Different courses have different marketability.

After finishing one of these in-demand programs, you’ll be in a stronger position to land a job or launch a successful business. This article will educate you on the top degrees offered at Nigerian universities.

1. Medicine

The truth is that medical school is one of the most sought-after degrees in Nigeria. There is a high likelihood of employment waiting for you once you complete your medical schooling. Jobs are usually waiting for you after you graduate, sometimes even before your induction is complete.

Nigeria’s population is growing rapidly. It’s inevitable that there will be a spike in the number of patients seeking medical care in hospitals. Because of this, the curse will always be a commodity, and it can bring in as much money during dry periods as a “pure-water” enterprise.

2. Accounting

Studying accounting is always a marketable option. Almost every industry, business, and organization needs the assistance of an accountant at some point. Accountants are essential in many different industries and settings (airports, hotels, supermarkets, banks, churches, schools, etc.) to ensure everything is in order.

The government also has a need for their expertise. However, the graduate will need to further their education with professional accounting courses, as a general accounting degree is not very desirable to employers.

3. Estate Management

Few people understand the potential marketability of this major. The truth is that the class is (and will remain) in high demand. It’s because the number of people living in Nigeria keeps growing. To accommodate the growing number of people, more and more structures are being constructed.

Estate managers will always be in demand among those who have buildings in this category. If you’re a science major looking for the best course to take at school, you should consider this one.

4. Petroleum Engineering

In Nigeria, industries like the chemical and petroleum sectors are constantly searching for qualified recent graduates.

Any college grad who is successful in landing a job in one of these fields will never have to worry about their next meal. The job pays well, and the perks are first rate.

5. Pharmacy

This is another in-demand field of study in Nigeria. Pharmacists and pharmacy students work together to create new medicines. They are educated on the mechanisms by which drugs function and the potential negative outcomes of drug use.

The interplay between medications is another topic covered in pharmacy school. Those with a degree in pharmacy may seek employment with the Food and Drug Administration or the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (NAFDAC).

One option is to start one’s own pharmaceutical business and practice independently. They have a level playing field when applying to Nigeria’s various pharmaceutical firms.

6. Theatre Arts

The majority of theatre arts graduates go on to work for themselves. Regardless of this fact, the economy of modern-day Nigeria supports a thriving version of this business. Nigerians have a high demand for the many forms of entertainment offered by this sector of the economy.

This industry has been responsible for the creation of a significant number of prosperous and well-known people, and a significant number of those people have degrees in Theatre Arts. The University of Calabar, the University of Lagos, and the University of Port Harcourt are considered to be the three most reputable educational institutions in Nigeria that offer this program.

7. Nursing & Laboratory Sciences

Studying to become a nurse is a very marketable major. When you graduate from nursing school, the world is your oyster. Your employment options are not limited to Nigeria. If you are unhappy with your job in Nigeria, you may want to consider moving abroad to find work as a nurse, as many countries across the world are in desperate need of nurses.

The same holds true for those who work in laboratories. While a new nurse’s starting salary may be low, it can rise significantly after completing post-basic training in specialties such as surgery, midwifery, and others in the medical field.

8. Computer Science/Engineering/IT

Graduates in computer engineering and information technology programs are extremely desirable in today’s information era. Present day society has an almost universal online presence. In the not-too-distant future, the demand for ICT services and computer access will skyrocket.

That there would be a growing need for the expertise of IT and computer science graduates in the not-too-distant future. The only catch is that it’s entirely possible to excel in the fields of computer engineering and IT without ever taking a UTME or setting foot inside a classroom.

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