Nairaland Forum – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About It

Nairaland is one of the biggest websites in Nigeria and Africa. It was one of the first websites in Nigeria and is known for its extremely simplistic design, fast load speed and low data usage making it well suited for Nigerians who cannot afford expensive data plans. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Africa’s biggest forum.

  1. It was founded by Oluwaseun Osewa in March 2005
  2. It’s founder dropped out of the university to focus on the website
  3. It has over 2.2 million registered members and over 4.9 million topics
  4. It was hacked on 22 June 2014 – The hackers deleted all content but the site was restored using a remote backup
  5. The website gets over 200 million page views monthly presently
  6. It was banned by Google Adsense in 2012 for failing to comply to their policies
  7. It currently runs a direct ads placement system with prices ranging based on categories and sub-categories monthly traffic stats.
  8. It was once the most visited indigenous African website
  9. It’s design has basically remained the same since inception with very few changes
  10. Many notable young Nigerians are or were once members of the website notable among which are Akin Alabi of Nairabet, Godwin Benson of Tuteria and Inspired Autos.

Nairaland is one of the top sources of the latest news in Nigeria as the latest news across all categories are curated by supermoderators at different times daily to be shown on the homepage, a total of 100 posts are shown on the front page at every point in time with the newest shown first.

Nairaland operates the forum web publishing model where registered users are allowed to create posts and publish them instantly with the ability to add text, links, images and embed YouTube the post. After publishing, the user can also modify the post and other users can like, comment and share the post as well as other comments.

Unregistered users can also use the website but they are limited to only reading the posts as they cannot create posts or comment on other posts. Access to some areas of the website such as sexuality is also limited based on the age of the user as stated in the online registration form.

After its hack in 2014 with the hackers getting access to the host server and backup to delete all its content, the website owner implemented stricter security measures and the website was back online three days after, all the website data from 10th January 2014 till the date of the attack were lost completely.

Nairaland uses a smart algorithm to optimize ad placements and determine pricing with the pricing increasing or decreasing based on the amount of traffic at different periods in time when an ad is shown.

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