Samsung discovers way to transform Android phones into Windows laptops

The smartphone (100) is placed in the dock (210)
Samsung has filed a patent for an invention which transforms Android smartphones into Windows laptops. The invention is a docking apparatus which allows Android smartphones or tablets transform to Windows when placed in the docking station. The station is equipped with a keyboard and display which consequently turns the Android smartphone to a Windows laptop. The smartphone needs to run both Android and Windows for the function to work, once the device is plugged into the station, the systems connect and automatically switch to Windows mode.

Samsung says that there is the possibility of a trackpad on the device and for more operating systems to be used with the docking station in the future. This idea of two operating systems on a phone is not so new but it is excellent because most phone users dislike Windows phones but use Windows computers and it will be far more convenient to have the two in one device instead of moving about with two devices.