Google, Facebook Battle to Woo 15-Year-Old App Whizzkid

Google and Facebook are in a competition to woo a 15-year-old computer whizzkid who developed an app that has been downloaded over 500,000 times. His name is Ben Pasternak and he developed a simple game called ‘Impossible Rush’ which has climbed the Apple App Store charts since its launch in October.
It has overtaken Vine, Google and Twitter thanks to its seemingly addictive gameplay. Facebook’s internship department recently invited him for a tour of the company’s headquarters in California and one of Google’s vice presidents also invited him to its campus.

Google and MIT organized an event called Hack Generation Y last weekend in which high school students create a product in 36 hours and he was one of 450 young entrepreneurs accepted. The lead organiser of the event, Michael Matias said: “Pasternak is a young entrepreneur and clearly ambitious, he has shown the world that age is just a number…His iPhone app was extremely impressive and if we were to guess – we would never imagine it was run by a 15 year old.”

Ben is from Sydney, Australia and he created the popular iPhone game with his friend, Austin Valleskey. He was interviewed by Mashable and he said: “My biggest motivation is knowing that my apps make people’s lives just a little bit easier and simple…There is no better feeling than seeing people using your creations.” He is currently working on an app called ‘One’ which aggregates all social media feeds into one app.