Sony Electronics Hacked; Massive Data Released

Electronics giant, Sony Inc. was recently hacked by suspected North Korean government agents with rumoured help from some insiders. The hack led to the release of thousands of workers’ social security numbers, completed movies and many other documents. According to sources on the internet, the motive for the hack is a forthcoming comedy movie by Rogen and Franco about an attempt to kill North Korea’s leader. The attackers did not use the attack for any financial gain and it seems that the main purpose was to damage Sony’s systems and disgrace the company by releasing sensitive information.

Investigators have been brought in to determine the extent of the attack and the perpetrators, the main focus is the fact that part of the data released by the attackers were a number of Sony’s private cryptographic keys which can be used to access encrypted servers and evade intrusion detection systems. Sony is yet to release an official statement regarding the attack therefore details of the breach are still unclear.