Google releases Android 5.0 and names it ‘Android Lollipop’

Android Lollipop
Just as expected, Google has released the latest version of the world’s most popular operating system and like you guessed, it’s named Android Lollipop. It was announced together with the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 earlier this week. Android Lollipop is already available on the new Nexus devices and it will come to many more devices in few weeks’ time.
Google describes Android Lollipop as its “largest, most ambitious release on Android,” which is “designed to be shared,” which means it can work on all platforms i.e. Mobile, TV, Tablets etc. The features of Android Lollipop are…


1. The Material design has received a serious makeover; Android Lollipop has a cleaner, more fluid interface with 3D animations, 3D shadows, smoother animations and a more responsive User Interface.

2. Notifications have been improved so that Android uses can choose when and who to receive notifications from. This gives users control of notifications when doing important things.

3. The Performance has been improved by replacing Dalvik Runtime with Android Runtime which allows for a smoother User Interface. It also supports all major chip architectures e.g. 64 bit chips which are the future of mobile technology.

4. Battery Life has also been improved as ‘Project Volta’ has been launched to allow developers create battery friendly apps. A battery saving mode has been added to allow users save up to 90 minutes of battery charge.

5. Security has been beefed up with a phone encryption feature which is turned on by default, there is SELinux which protects all apps from malware and Smart Lock which allows users unlock their phones only by pairing with another Android device e.g. A Smart Watch.

6. Other features are Device sharing for private group content sharing, Better Camera software controls for the sensor, lens, and flash per individual frame such that shutter speed, ISO and focus can be customized provided the hardware supports it. There is also improvement in Audio as Android Lollipop supports low latency audio and allows microphones and mixers to be connected with the devices for music production with related apps.