Apple iWatch Released: Features and Price

Apple iWatch
After a very long wait and serious hyping, Apple Inc. has finally released the Apple iWatch, it didn’t quite deliver on the promises that we heard of but it still has some pretty nice features. The watch comes in two sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm with three different collections available: A more durable sport model, a high end edition finished in 18K gold and the normal edition.
The iWatch has a touchscreen display and a flexible Retina display, it runs on an S1 processor and can be synchronized with your iPhone for basic functions and also to control some automated systems like a thermostat and many others in your home using special software.

For connectivity, it has Wi-Fi and NFC (which can be used to make mobile payments as well as be used as a digital key to unlock your smart-locks).  It will be available from early 2015 and you can customize it to your liking as the watch will be available in six different bands with some having multiple colour options. No information on battery life was given by Apple, we believe it will be okay though, pricing starts at $349(60,000 Naira).