Apple Releases iOS 8


On Monday June 2nd at its WWDC event, Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8. Apple made some big changes with this one, although most changes are already existing on other mobile platforms.

The new additions include: The ability of apps to interact with each other using Extensions, which allows the user share content from one app to another. The keyboard has also been improved to allow predictions and swiping just like the the keyboard on Android OS, Apple has also allowed the installation of third party keyboards such as Swype.
There is also the ‘Continuity feature which allows users of multiple Apple devices move information between the devices easily for example, it is possible to start writing a document on your iPhone and complete it on your iPad. Yet another feature is Family Sharing which allows up to six people with different Apple accounts form a group and use a single credit card, content purchased with that single credit card can then be shared by all members of the group. The gaming system has been improved to allow the user run 3D games better on his/her device.

A new addition is the Homekit app which works with home automation devices such as lights and thermostats, it gives your device control over the devices without having to use separate apps as all the app are plugged into this app. iMessage has also been improved significantly, now users can send voice and video messages to friends. Apple has also joined the cloud race as they have introduced iCloud drive for storing information online, the amount of memory space available is 50GB. Several other apps have been improved upon too such as Siri, Spotlight, Photo Editor and many more.