Prices of New Cars in Nigeria

Tear Leather/Rubber Cars

This list provides the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) for popular brand new/tear leather cars in Nigeria. The prices apply to the 2015 and 2016 model years of the cars listed.

Prices of Cotonou/Tokunbo cars can be found HERE and prices of Used in Nigeria/Registered cars can be found HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell cars or have contacts of car dealers, these prices are just a rough estimate.

*All prices are in Nigerian Naira.
4runner: N7 million – N8 million
Avalon: N6.4 million – N7.5 million
Camry: N5.2 million – N6.5 million
Corolla: N4.5 million – N5.2 million
FJ Cruiser: N6 million – N6.2 million
Highlander Jeep: N6.7 million – N8.3 million
Land Cruiser/ Prado Jeep: N12.5 million
Matrix; N4.8 million – N6.3 million


Prius: N6.8 million – N7.5 million
RAV 4: N6.5 million – N8 million
Sequoia: N7 million – N10 million
Sienna: N5.8 million – N7.5 million
Tacoma: N6.1 million – N7.3 million
Tundra: N7.7 million – N9 million
Venza: N6.4 million – N8.3 million
Yaris: N4.2 million – N4.7 million
Accord: N4.8 million – N6.2 million
Civic: N4 million – N5.8 million
CR-V: N6.6 million – N6.7 million
CR-Z:  N5.2 million – N5.8 million
Crosstour: N7.3 million – N10.8 million
Odyssey: N6.6 million – N7.8 million
Pilot: N6.7 million – N7.5 million
C Class: N7.7 million – N12 million
CL Class: N20 million – N36 million
CLA Class: N6.7 million – N7 million
CLS Class: N14 million – N20 million
E Class: N10 million – N17 million
G Class (Mercedes G Wagon): N20 million – N35 million
GL Class: N13 million – N18 million
M Class: N8.6 million – N16 million
S Class: N25 million – N30 million
SLK Class: N9 million – N12 million
SLS AMG: N35 million – N46 million
Golf: N4.2 million – N5.2 million
Jetta: N4.6 million – N5.9 million
Passat: N4.3 million – N6.4 million
Passat CC: N6 million – N8.6 million
New Beetle: N5.2 million – N5.7 million
Tiguan: N5.6 million – N7 million
Touareg: N7 million – N10 million
Altima: N5.5 million – N6.7 million
Armada/ Infiniti QX56: N7.8 million – N9 million
Maxima: N5.5 million – N6.4 million
Murano: N5.4 million – N7.2 million
Pathfinder/Infiniti QX4: N6.5 million – N7.5 million
Quest: N5.5 million – N6.5 million
Xterra: N5.6 million – N5.9 million
3 Series: N7 million – N8 million
4 Series: N7.5 million – N8.5 million
5 Series: N9 million – N11.5 million
5 Series Gran Turismo: N11.5 million – N13 million
6 Series: N14 million – N17 million
7 Series: N17 million – N22 million
X3: N7.3 million – N9.1 million
X5: N10.4 million – N11.7 million
X6: N10.6 million – N12.2 million
Mustang: N5.5 million – N8.3 million
Focus: N4.5 million – N6.5 million
Fusion: N5.5 million – N6 million
Edge:  N6 million – N8 million
Escape: N5.6 million – N6.7 million
Explorer: N6.7 million – N8.3 million
LR2: N6.7 million
LR4: N9.7 million
Range Rover: N35 million – N40 million
Range Rover Sport: N20 million – N25 million
Range Rover Evoque: N10.5 million – N12 million
CX-5: N5.3 million – N6.5 million
CX-9: N6.7 million – N7.7 million
Lancer: N5 million – N6.4 million
Outlander: N7 million – N8 million
Pajero: 8.5 million – 10 million
307: N2.6 million
307 Sedan:  N3.2 million
Partner: N2.9 million
G9 Expert: N5.3 million
406: N3.5 million
407 Saloon: N5.2 million
407 Station Wagon: N5.5 million
407 Coupe: N9.6 million
607: N6.7 million
MDX: N7.6 million – N8.8 million
RDX: N6.4 million – N7.1 million
TL: N6.7 million – N8 million
ZDX: N11 million
Cadenza: N5.5 million
Cerato: N3.5 million – N5.6 million
Rio: N2 million – N2.6 million
Soul: N2.4 million – N3 million
Sportage: N3 million – N4.4 million
Sorento: N4 million – N6.3 million
Elantra: N2.7 million – N3.3 million
Genesis: N5.4 million – N7 million
Santa-Fe: N4 million – N5 million
Tucson: N3.4 million – N4.4 million
Sonata: N3.3 million – N4.4 million
Lexus RX: N7.3 million – N8.4 million
Lexus GX: N9.7 million – N12.5 million
Lexus LX: N16 million
Infiniti QX70: N8 million – N10.5 million
QX50: N6.4 million – N8 million
A4: N7.4 million – N7.7 million
A5: N7.3 million – N8.4 million
A6: N8 million – N10 million
A7: N11 million – N11.5 million
Continental GT: N27 million – N36 million
Continental Supersports: N48 million
Continental Flying Spur: N31 million – N35 million
Mulsanne: N50 million